6 Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match

Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match

The controller thrower guy above in Dorkly's recent comic is not even the most frustrated one. The silent types below look a lot scarier.

This is really accurate, but they might have forgotten that you could meet really cool and chill people online too. Or maybe it's just me getting lucky with StarCraft's matchmaking.

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Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match
Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match
Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match
Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match
Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match
Six Typical Reactions To Losing An Online Match

The 6 Types of Gamer Reactions to Losing an Online Match [Dorkly]


    I'm a button blamer for sure

      This so much playing Destiny lately.


        Yeah, it's a bit like that, I get that with melee and nades

          Surprisingly they're missing the 'Lag' blamer, I fall in that one often lol, although most of the time it IS because of lag in Destiny. I had a match in Crucible once (my mate I was playing with who was a completely different ISP and on cable, I was on VDSL2, also experienced this in the same match) in which the entire game the lag was so bad that I could literally unload an entire auto rifle clip of 42 rounds into someone's face and only get 1-2 hits register.

            Yeah I've had matches the last few days like this, pretty average especially since they were better before Bungie tried to fix anything

    Im an all you can do is laugher.........with a little button blamer on the side.

    All the above applies to me playing Souls for half an hour ... but anyway ......

    Definitely laughter for me, and I try to give whoever got me a bit of credit rather getting pissed that outside of my singleplayer bubble I'm somehow not the best player in the world.

    I think I've done all of 'em at some time or other, but usually I just swear loudly.

    I legitimately could not care if I lose games lol. I just focus on having fun.. That's what it's all about after all.

    They forgot the latency blamer =P With destiny all I've been doing is blaming the latency [email protected] I swear to god 6/10 my matches are laggy =,=

      Hah! I didn't finish going down the comments before mentioning the exact above, I mentioned how one match was so bad that both a mate and I were getting around 3-6 seconds latency and we were on completely different ISP and connection types (cable/VDSL) and we could fire rockets, unload entire auto rifle magazines and only get the odd 1-2 hit register, was ludicrously hair pulling.

    My reaction is usually "Well I suck donkey dick!"

    My friends laugh, we do it all over again.

    what about lag?

    No option for self-loathing. I am disappoint. And unrepresented.

    Depends on how I'm playing. With friends locally = "Don't care either way, but really, fuck you for being a jerk", with online, it's "UGH, I LOST! GODDAMNIT! Oh well, gg, next round"

    Im a 'says they dont give a f*&^, but actually gives many' before turning into an all you can do it laugh.
    all though recently i found out with Mario Kart Online that its actually my shitty internet that was causing me to for from being and average 3rd or 4th placer, to a average 10 or 11th placer.
    so i guess there definitely needs to be a lag blamer in there too.

    I am in the 'when all else fails, use overkil' camp

    I’m the ‘calm before the storm’ guy.

    People tend to leave the room when they hear the controller starting to creak in my grip.

    Im the kinda guy that when he fails, it just means you didn't use enough explosives, overkill is so much more rated than underkilling

    I just blame tones for my lag for stuffing up my nbn :)

    I was a "don't really give a shit" type until I got the exotic bounty for Invictus. Then I became all of the above. I've got Invictus now though, so I'm starting to settle down again.

    Huh....I don't think I fit into any of these (maybe a dash of calm before the storm...) I usually start blaming myself for being such a shitty gamer

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