An Honest Step-By-Step Guide To Cosplay

An Honest Step-by-Step Guide To Cosplay

It all starts with that fancy Iron Man or Deadpool costume, but then things like platinum-cure silicone moulds or even guides on the internet can ruin our progress with the perfect cosplay quickly.

The guys at Dorkly have a step-by-step answer though and they show it in their latest comic.

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An Honest Step-by-Step Guide To Cosplay
An Honest Step-by-Step Guide To Cosplay
An Honest Step-by-Step Guide To Cosplay
An Honest Step-by-Step Guide To Cosplay

An Honest Guide To Cosplay [Dorkly]


    The fact that I'm going as the 11th means this hits a bit close to home.... But that was always the plan, I swear

    The simplest cover all no need to be complicated cosplay is the stig, reasons why:
    1. You need a good racing outfit
    2. Get a racing helmut of the same colour &
    3. Say that you are the stig's cousin from somewjere or of something
    easy way to cosplay with success

    @cookingmama & @scree, you guys are better than this!!

      I'm sad now

        Are you doing one too? I've not seen any photos on TAY I can remember!

          Yeah, I don't really post on TAY anymore :P I'm helping Scree and making stuff for fun. I pretty much just post here and on my twitter

            Brotherhood of steel!!! Holy crap that would be awesome to make, the gloves look pretty spot on! Are you going to wear it to PAX?

              Not a chance it will be ready for then as a whole suit but I hope to at least have the helmet done by then!

                If anyone asks why you're just wearing the helmet just say you haven't completed all the side quests yet :p

    While a very accuarate and authentic cosplay is always a sight to behold, I actually really like alternative takes on a character, like genderbends, steampunk/cyberpunk, rockabilly/pinup. I'm new to cosplay, so I just try to base my costumes on my sewing ability, rather than the other way around.

      I'm the opposite. I like to try and test or push my sewing abilities

        Same, the skill requirement is just a minor hurdle that can be worried about later, after coming up with the idea in the first place. Though maybe sometimes not that minor :P

    I am cosplaying The Penguin from Batman Returns, finishing up some last parts this weekend, then it is just a matter of learning to apply prosthetics and the makeup

    There's more panic and tears involved when you realise how close to a con you are. "I can totally build this functioning arm-- oh, there's two days until ... /cry"

    I'm just trying to work out how to re-use the wig from this one for a new lantern perhaps?

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