Beat Takeshi Hates Anime And That's OK

Beat Takeshi Hates Anime and That's OK

Famed comedian, actor, director and television personality Beat Takeshi does not like anime. In particular, he mentioned the anime of Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki. But don't think for a second he doesn't recognise anime's importance. He does.

During the Tokyo International Film Festival, Takeshi was asked about the sort of things that are important while creating a work. He talked about deciding what you want to do and doing that in your own voice.

Continuing, he told the crowd (via Livedoor), "I hate anime and even though I truly hate, like, Hayao Miyazaki's work, I can recognise how great anime is just by the amount of money it earns. I think you should do things you like, but you also need to be open enough to recognise the things you think you don't."

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise as Beat Takeshi also hates computers, email, and video games. Oh, and Twitter.

There's nothing wrong with liking anime, nor is there anything wrong with hating it (or hating video games or computers or email or even Twitter). But, as Takeshi explains, there is something wrong with being unable to recognise the importance of it — or anything else, for that matter.

北野武監督、宮崎駿が「大嫌い」、作品は認める「余裕が大事」 [Livedoor]

Picture: Office Kitano


    See, one can hate without being a hater.

    I love this guy, he should be in all the things.

    Beat Takeshi is also a huge prick who thinks gay people are deviants.

    Goddamnit I have been searching for proper subbed Takeshi's Castle episodes FOR OVER 20 YEARS! WHY MUST I BE PLAGUED WITH THE BRAIN MELTING CRAP THAT IS MXC!!!

    .... yeah that just had to come out =P

    Why is he being referred to as "Beat Takeshi"? Is his name not Takeshi Kitano?

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