Conan O’Brien? The Green Loontern? LEGO Batman 3 Keeps Getting Better

Conan O’Brien? The Green Loontern? LEGO Batman 3 Keeps Getting Better

There’s only a month left before LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham hits store shelves, and developer Traveller’s Tales still has surprises up its sleeves. Today talk show host Conan O’Brien, Duck Dodgers as the Green Loontern and more crazy characters were added to the game’s already impressive roster.

According to the lovely people at the game’s New York Comic Con panel, which can be viewed in its entirety on Twitch, Conan O’Brien will serve as a guide of sorts to the open-world gameplay of LEGO Batman 3, which should come in handy as this time around there are entire planets to explore.

On one of those planets, players will run into this guy:

Yes, it’s Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers as the Green Loontern, voiced by the legendary Joe Alaskey.

So that’s a cartoon voice acting legend, one of the world’s most popular television personalities, one of the world’s most accomplished stoned guys — those three alone are worth the price of admission.

They have also got the star of TV’s hit show Arrow, Stephen Amell, to voice the Green Arrow in the game. That’s not all fans of the show are getting.

Not only are they getting all of the show’s major players in a DLC pack, they’re getting an exclusive level — Oliver Queen is going back to the island. I can’t wait.

Other reveals at today’s panels include:

Green Lantern Batman

Solar Suit Superman — social media begged for this one.

Man Bat. I own his minifig, so good to see it in motion.

And, of course, Condiment King.

This game is going to be freaking huge, a DC Comics LEGO game with a bigger scope than the massive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I can’t wait.


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