Dragon Age: Origins Is Free On PC Right Now

Dragon Age: Origins Is Free On PC Right Now

To prepare for next month's Dragon Age: Inquisition (out November 19 for PC/PS3/PS4/XB1/360), EA's giving out the first game in BioWare's fantasy RPG series for the price of absolutely nothing. Right now.

You'll need an Origin account to download a free copy of Dragon Age: Origins, but, hey, it's a great game, and it's totally free. The promotion will only be available until October 14, BioWare says, but you'll get to keep your copy forever, so act fast.


    I wish they were giving the second one way for free, because then I could come in here and snarkily say "GOOD, BECAUSE THAT'S ALL IT'S WORTH!".

    I'm mostly only kidding, I actually kinda like Dragon Age 2 - I just know the general consensus and would wanna beat an actual hater to the punch.

      2 was alright it was just a little too different from one and I think thats why it gets so much flack

        The only thing I didn't really like about DA:2 was the reuse of settings and assets. It made the game seemingly more repetitive then it probably was. I stopped playing at the start of Act 3.

    If ever there was a time to to say "Hey EA, you've done alright!", this would definately be it.

    "Sorry, but you'll have to pay me to use Origin, and even then it's not worth it!!!" - Entitled Twats

      I came here to make a comment almost exactly like that: I don't play EA games, even if they are free. If rather not give them any additional data to point to and say, 'See, we aren't THAT bad. People love us. '

        Sucks to be as petty as you I guess...

          Not really. I have many games available through other developers and publishers who don't repeatedly screw their customers to worry about the games that EA puts out. Or are you implying that my decision to not purchase EA games somehow makes me a bad person?

            I like how sticking to your principals is petty these days.

              It's 'principles'.

      i love origin.... its not my primary games library, but man it is super quick.,.. highly recommend peopla try it out before flaming it.

        It's definitely had its issues in the past but I think it's improving.

      Thankfully already owning ultimate edition on steam lessens the impact of said boycott.

    Seriously one of the greatest RPG's for a while... It was a long wait till Divinity

    You had me until you mentioned Origin. Nothing against it personally but how many game library systems with built in DRM overhead do I need to play my games?

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