How You'll Share Your PS4 Games With Friends Who Don't Own Them

Starting on October 28, you'll be able to share your games with friends — even if they don't own them. We'd heard about a feature called 'Share Play' before, but now you get a chance to see it in action.

What's so cool about Share Play is that it lets your friends watch you as you play, if not straight up take control of the action on the screen, without actually having to own or download the game you're playing. The only requirement is that your friend is in your party.

To contextualise this feature — say you get stuck in a game, and your buddy across the country is an ace at that genre. You could get that friend to play that part of the game for you, without even having to be in the same room.

Even better, you can let your friends be "player two" in the game you're playing, even if they don't own the game. Sony does note that both players will need PlayStation Plus, however. Still, it's a neat feature overall, right?


    Such an awesome feature, but something tells me this isn't going to work too well on my crappy internet connection.

      Yep, our primitive down under internet will be the failing of this feature for a lot of people me thinks :(

        I don't know. The game itself will be downloaded from the PSN not from our upload. The main problem would be if you have issues with playing on the PSN which I haven't yet heard anyone complaining of major lag there or rubberbanding

          Oh so its streaming from the PS Store and our console would be giving the game the parameters and whatnot? Don't think I understand, I assumed it was just a straight stream from one persons PS4 to anothers.

            The online co-op would be, but your talking about expecting people around the world to upload what is essentially an ISO from the blue ray disc. That's about 50GB. It's technically more feasible to allow the PlayStation plus subscribers download the game from the PSN, and then like a regular purchase, be able to start playing even when the game is partially downloaded and download the rest in the background

      Yeah it kinda looks like a feature thought up by Sony in Japan where they all have 5 ping and 300mb/s download speeds..

    I just found out today you can play local Co op online with this feature which I'm going to be all over. Can't wait to play sportsfriends online with mates

    Awesome. Even if the net here sucks I am still glad this exists. I hope people use it so it gets made better/expanded upon.
    The more people are unable to take advantage of modern day entertainment the more they will scream for the NBN too.

    why does the article not mention there is is a one hour time limit on this?

    Yet they still haven't implemented Resume, while all handheld consoles have had since forever. Come on Sony. Come on.

    Don't have a PS4 yet, but I thought they advertised this feature before they released it.

    Unless you're on the NBN, I would expect some lag issues here and there.

      Surprisingly the games I've played online have been quite lag free, even on a wireless network in a house of 5 people actively using the net on 11Mbit DSL2+

    I like the idea of being able to play cop op without both needing the game :) its like good old split screen gaming :)

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