I Can’t Stop Watching Dudes Try To Play Mario On A Roller Coaster

I Can’t Stop Watching Dudes Try To Play Mario On A Roller Coaster
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Seriously, try to look away.

I usually hate gimmicky stuff like this, but there is something uniquely, intriguingly cringe-worthy about Giant Bomb‘s pioneering work in the field of video game aeronautics. Which is to say, Jeff Gerstmann and Dan Ryckert decided to see who could get further in Super Mario 3 (via the 3DS Virtual Console) while riding a roller coaster.

They are completely mad. I applaud them for it.

The result, predictably, is not what I would call pleasant for the either of them. Makes for some really entertaining viewing, though! And that ending. So inspirational.

Giant Bomb vs. a roller coaster [Giant Bomb]


  • I was going to make a joke about how this was an accurate representation of soceties obsession with social media but then I realised it would be too close to the truth to be funny.

      • He’s like Karl Pilkington only not stupid and 100% self-aware at how much of an oddball he is. Every bombcast is peeling away another layer on the crazy onion.

  • I struggled to watch to the end, it was oddly boring, and they didn’t rig it so that you could see where they were up to in the game at any time anyway.

    • You’re right, they totally should have taken 3DS developer units up there to allow capture of the devices to see game progress … right up there… on the roller coaster… going upside down at 105kph… totally dumb of them for not doing that.

  • I have difficulty playing on a bus, especially when you get the Bus with what must be rooted suspension.

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