9 Minutes Of GTA V Stunts That Say 'Screw You' To Physics

Nine Minutes of GTA V Stunts That Say 'Screw You' to Physics

At this point, there really should be some sort of X-Games inside GTA Online. Because these people deserve medals.

In this montage of remarkable vehicle stunts, you're going to see jet skis, boats, planes and many, many motorcycles go places you'd think they couldn't. The clips comes YouTuber RedKeyMon and features players from several GTA crews pulling off really cool feats all over Los Santos. With the nonchalant landings and impressive level of control, some of these moves are downright graceful.


    When the whole video is rendered through shitty filters, why would anyone find this appealing? The stunts themselves are cool, but the filters this video was put though makes it seem like it was made by 9 year olds

      Its nice to know the montage connoisseurs of the world are looking out for the rest of us

      This, I made it to about 1 minute before turning it off because I felt my sanity melting.

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