Poll: The Worst Things Boyfriends Can Collect

Poll: The Worst Things Boyfriends Can Collect
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A Japanese website reports that in a recent poll, 231 women revealed the things they would hate their boyfriends to collect.

The poll appeared on My Navi Woman, a version of the popular My Navi website geared towards Japanese women. Be aware that this poll does not reflect the opinion of the entire country, but just the individuals who replied. Also, it doesn’t appear to reflect the opinions of those identifying themselves as gay or bisexual.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 results. Below each is a quote from those who voted.

9. Things related to anime: 3 votes

“(I hate this) because it’s otaku-like,” said a 24-year-old IT worker.

9. Otaku-related goods: 3 votes

“Because I put importance on a home’s interior, it would be unbearable and unpleasant when we got married for those kind of things to end up in my own home,” said a 27 year-old company employee.

8. Adult videos or sexy DVDs: 6 votes

“It seems totally lewd,” says a 28-year-old pharmaceutical professional.

7. Bugs/insects: 10 votes

“I hate bugs, and it seems dirty. Gross,” said a 27-year-old IT engineer.

6. Women’s underwear: 13 votes.

“Because it’s erotic,” says a 25-year-old office worker.

Wait, what? No, that’s what it says: 第6位 女性下着 or “6. Women’s underwear.” OK, then.

5. Idol goods: 15 votes

“I’d feel like it’s supporting those idols,” said a 23-year-old electrical engineer.

4. Idol picture books/posters: 17 votes

“I’d feel like it really doesn’t matter if I’m here or not,” said a 22-year-old public servant.

3. Anime figures: 23 votes

“I don’t get what’s good about them at all,” said a 22-year-old IT engineer.

2. Bishoujo or moe figures: 29 votes

“I’d dislike them because he’d stare at them and get a lewd look on his face,” said a 26-year-old in the educational field.

1. Figures: 40 votes

“I don’t see the necessity of them,” said a 28-year-old health care professional.

Oh come on, polled people. “Figures” in general? Just… figures? Really? That’s worse than collecting porno videos or ladies’ underpants? What the heck am I supposed to put on my desk as I work?

Granted, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes. If somebody dislikes something you are into, well, fine. Likewise, if somebody is into a hobby you aren’t, then that’s their thing. It doesn’t matter how you identify yourself, surely there’s someone out there with similar interests. JUST AS LONG AS THEY’RE SAFE AND LEGAL*.

彼氏がコレクションしていたら嫌だと思うもの「1位 フィギュア」 [My Navi Women]

*Or relatively legal and kinda safe.

Picture: Michael Sherrin / Flickr


  • Im gonna say number 1 should be Girlfriends, because anyone collecting girlfriends is straight up weird

  • Uh wouldn’t figures in general be number one because more people answered that rather than specifying a genre? It’s a poll doesn’t mean they voted that worse than underqear and most people wouldn’t even think of collecting underwear as realistic. If we were talking any odd ball collecting I’m sure something like skulls from his murder victims would be higher. But they’re not it’s just answers from random people so they would likely say things they actually know people collect

    • That reminds of of some saying from some show something along the lines of “Women often fall in love with a man because they a different, and then spend the rest of their lives trying to change them to be like all the others”.

  • I do my figure collecting so slowly that my wife isn’t aware of the growth of my collection. Case in point, I just got a new Senbonzakura Hatsune Miku figure, showed it to my wife, and then DIDN’T put it on display, but packed it away. That way, while she is vaguely aware that I have one more figure than before, there is nothing visual to reinforce that awareness, until maybe a few months from now when I put it on display. My figure collection has grown from zero to six (Bishoujo Liara, Sephiroth, Claptrap, Rise Kujikawa, Hatsune Miku and Senbonzakura Miku) in about 3 years, and my wife is more concerned with my burgeoning collection of games 😉

    Funny to see that no-one voted for ‘video games’. I guess that’s something 🙂

  • I collect anime and gaming figures. My gfrd even buys them for me for Birthday/Xmas etc. There is no shame in collecting figures, it is like any other collection. If im lucky in 20 years they might be worth something.

  • I have quite a massive collection of one piece figures myself. A lot of which my fiancé funded herself as gifts. No shame.

    On the other hand, she has a scarily big collection of POP vinyls, and refuses to take them out of their boxes. I got yelled at for taking my DBZ pop vinyls that I got for my birthday out of their box D:

  • So going by what’s not on that list, I think I’ll start looking at collecting things like skulls (for the skull throne!), swords, bricks (hey, it’s good enough for one of the world’s boringest men!), toenail clippings, hood ornaments, men’s underwear, Wiggles DVDs, and spiders. (They aren’t bugs or insects! Of course, I have arachnophobia so it’s like my own personal hell.)

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