This Is Easily The World's Greatest Video Gaming Tie

It doesn't have much competition — except for those pretty cool ties that look all 8-bit and pixelated — but I think we can safely say that this is the greatest video gaming ever created.

It's a replication of the moment when Guybrush Threepwood from The Secret of Monkey Island makes good on his claim that he can hold his breath for ten minutes by accidentally getting himself tossed into the ocean by a villain who later turns out to be the nefarious Ghost Pirate LeChuck.

Imagine rocking up to a wedding/party/formal wearing this bad boy. I can't imagine looking cooler. I might have to buy this tie, and confuse every non-gaming attendee of every wedding I attend.

Thanks Rohan!


    Strange you post this today Mark when my whole team randomly decided to make today Tie Thursday. It was originally meant to be Thai Thursday, but something got lost in translation

    Also, more gaming ties definitely needed

    But damn is that expensive. I've bought Hugo Boss ties for less

      Yeah, I'd rather get this instead. Far cheaper.

    I like this Guybrush one better:

    But in any case I like having $75 more than any tie.

    Forget ties, they have a Manny Calavera pendant!

    This is perhaps the first time in my life that I've ever felt the inclination to accessorise...

      Oh god, that is gorgeous. But this site is so expensive! Holy moly.

    For that kind of price, there should be royalties involved. I wonder if there are?

    I had a Sonic tie which was all blue (obviously), with his narrowed eyes at the bottom and just the faintest outline of the profile of his spikes. Awesome tie.

    I've worn the pixel tie to a wedding and to school for the staff photo. They photoshopped it out. Young kids think it's a minecraft tie :(

    tossed into the ocean by a villain who later turns out to beSpoilers!

      Its almost like people had 24yrs to play the game and thus nobody cares about "spoilers" for it...

        Well if we're actually going to get all serious about it, then no. Not everyone has had 24 years to play it, and thus would likely care about spoilers. Just look at that video of the ~5 year olds watching Empire for the first time and reacting to the Vader reveal, they sure didn't have much chance to discover it any earlier.

          Any form of media that has been readily available for more than a year or two doesn't get the privilege of censored discussion about plot spoilers (with the exception of people you personally know who you might start talking around and they specifically ask you not to spoil it).
          Hell, the Simpsons spoiled Empire in a flashback scene of Homer spoiling it as he walked out of the cinema...
          People rarely go around talking about old movies/tv/games in a way that would spoil them but the truth is there has to be a point where you cant get mad at it because you've had a fair chance to have seen/played it.

            Yeah, no one was getting mad here except you :P

            But at the same time, there wasn't any real need to point out that reveal in this part. For that Simpsons bit, it was essential to the joke. Here, the article could have been exactly the same if that sentence stopped at the word "villain".

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