This Is The Greatest Gaming Set Up I've Ever Seen

The first picture seems simple. It's just a TV and a rather large collection of video games. But what lies beneath is an incredible set-up that is up there with some of the most insane console collections I've ever seen.

Almost every single console I can imagine is represented in this collection, but perhaps the most insane part of this set up is how they're set up. Every single one of the AV friendly consoles are connected, simultaneously, to a super incredible network of consoles that all lead to one single TV. This is a pretty incredible feat of engineering.

So yeah, I'm considerably impressed by this.

This is a picture of the back end.

This is just a drop in the ocean — head here to check out all the pictures taken of this incredible set-up. Seriously — I need this guy to come over to my apartment and help fix up the nest of cables at the back of my entertainment centre.


    Pretty impressive collection. Only thing I would change is getting a bigger wall mounted TV for the modern systems.

      Personally I would try to get a few more wall sockets.

        Yeah, this is something I worry about with my set-up, a PS3, PS4, Wii U, GameCube, PS2, SNES, N64, AppleTV, 1TB HDD, HDTV and Speaker System all on two power boards coming from one socket...

          Its highly unlikely that the owner would be using multiple game consoles at the same time. While the other consoles will be either off or on standby, the main console and tv would be in use at any one time so I dont think there'd be concern for overloading the socket or powerboard. But hopefully he has insurance just in case.

      First thing I noticed (TV not big enough)

        First thing I noticed, TV instead of a projector :(

      Must be CRT and mustn't be too big . Old games look horrible otherwise.

    The wall of consoles. . . where is that in relation to the first image? Or are they unrelated?

      Here is all the images with explanations.

        While I am interested it appears the Chinese government has also said no to Imgur.

    He could do with some basic cable management training.

    That is pretty sweet.

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    That is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    bit eh about the collection
    but that cable management, he's got alot of work to go, but its lookin schmick ;)

    Hey that's a cool idea for a new ongoing article "Readers gaming setups". Mine ain't that great but I'm interested to see other ppls setups

      Stuff the gaming rigs, I want to see what assorted crap other people have around their PC. Within arms reach I have an incredibly variety of shit, my favourite is the wine.

    I would say his virginity is safe, but the way my GF is gushing over the classic console case I might have to keep an eye on her

    He should really be rocking component for the consoles there that support it (Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS1 and PS2 AFAIK), rather than the all-composite setup he's got there for the retro consoles.

    Could also hack his Ataris to get composite out.

      Where can one get a decent gamecube cable? They are all over $100

    Looks awesome! Though I don't envy the mass of cables :P

    I like how even with all those consoles, the cables are fairly tidy considering how many there are..... I only have 3 consoles atm and the cables are more of a mess than that.

    But very impressive collection indeed. Figuring out what to play when you have all those choices must be a bitch though. lol

    Is that a devkit on the left side of the first shot?

    Nice game-room... buuuuut console connections are amateurish.

    Check these RetroGameTech videos on achieving pixel-perfection;

    A Behind The TV Adventure:
    Dreamcast + SLG-3000 Demo:

    SLG-in-a-box (Faginrs500):

    Oh and this is still the most epic videogame collection I have ever seen;

    "Brycecorp3" Collection:

      I don't know. You should check out LastGamers collection.

    Yeah the one power point scares me slightly...very impressive none the less!

    Imagine the power bill though :O

      There's no need to have them all powered on all the time. I doubt the outlet could handle that. One console, TV and possibly the AV box.

      Basically the same as anyone else using a console.

    dat cable management.

    It seems a bit pointless to have Chess and Backgammon placed in front of that TV. It might purely be for aesthetic choices but surely there are "cooler" things he could place there?

    Good setup nonetheless.

    can't see images... I must be retarded or the link is munted... probably the first one...

    looks great awesome setup, would like to see it in all scart/RGB/comp for best picture quality
    heres my hummble setup:
    all rgb'd bar cdi and atari, yes the NES, Fami and n64 are rgb modded.

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    I would like something like this one day, it would be nice to go back and play everything oldschool when I'm retired!

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