Vaas From Far Cry 3, Made Out Of Loose Change

How does one even start a project like this? Reddit user Dbreevo1 has taken (what I think are) British pennies and used the slight varying tone in each penny to recreate a massive portrait of Vaas from Far Cry 3.

How. How is this possible? This must have been like the most insanely difficult jigsaw puzzle of all time.

Like this is amazing to me. Pennies all have a slightly different tone depending on age and the filthy pockets they've been living in, actually finding the right colours and tones required just seems like an insane amount of work. INSANE. It's like pixel art except you have to painstakingly go through a random bucket of pixels every time you want to add one. Seems incredibly difficult.

And pennies age over time, they literally change colour constantly. At one point Dbreevo1's outer edge coins began to change colour as a result of some cooking he did in his apartment. He had to actually go to the bank and get proper brand new pennies and replace them all. They didn't have any so he had to strip off the old ones and steep them in salt and vinegar.



It's a pretty incredible project all up. You can read the full story of its creation here

Via Reddit


    That is the definition of insanity.

    I like the clogs on the table with the art. Pretty neat stuff. Vaas was a cool villain.

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