Winners! One Of Five Copies Of Far Cry 3

We often do haiku competitions, but I thought it might be worth messing around with limericks for a change. We had some good ones, some terrible ones, and more than a few that weren't even limericks at all! Not even close! Click on for the winners...

And the winners are...

mattperkins86 There once was a fella called Vaas Whilst on a beach he was shot in the arse He let out a sigh Which was far from a cry after all, regenerative health is a blast.

redartifice There once was a man named Vaas. Whose sanity had long gone bat-arse this villainous rogue has brought back into vogue The mohawk, which epitomises class.

Steve-O The Deve-O There once was a man named Vaas Who took us as slaves to the last. I was sold as a tool - And became a drug mule. Now I smuggle cocaine in my ass.

welbot There once was a man named Vaas, Who had an unquenchable fetish for bra's, For years he had studied, til his fingertips bloodied, yet he died having never opened one clasp!

oggob There once was a man named Vaas Who played cricket sometime in the past He hailed from Sri Lanka and was never a wanker He just bowled incredibly fast

Congrats everyone! We'll be in contact in the new year to sort out prizes!


    Steve-O that's gold you deserve 2 copies haha.

    Having rad times with this game playing it through using mostly the bow and the hunting knife. Sneaking around like some kind of tropical island jungle ninja. There's something satisfying about taking down an entire outpost without a single enemy bullet being fired.

    At least a Chaminda Vaas limerick got in there for a prize. My version was either too late or not good enough. Congrats to all the winners!

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