A New Look At GTA V On PS4 , Compared To PS3

A New Look At GTA V On PS4 , Compared To PS3

Curious as to the level of visual upgrades the new-gen versions of GTA V will be getting? Here’s a taste of the improved details, reflections, and crowds coming to Rockstar’s open-world game.

Some of the changes are small — not at all on the scale of something like first-person mode — like clouds in the sky or detailing on the interiors of a car. But, like a director’s cut of a film, the tweaks give a bit of insight as to what the game-makers at Rockstar might’ve wanted to get in during their first pass.

A New Look At GTA V On PS4 , Compared To PS3
A New Look At GTA V On PS4 , Compared To PS3
A New Look At GTA V On PS4 , Compared To PS3


  • Holy shit. So what we’ve got here is a TRUE upgrade, not a situation like The Last of Us (which was still well done but really, not THAT great a difference) or the other ones that have come out where it’s a few little things and a couple of textures. This, THIS definitely justifies its own existence and worth.

    • the thing to remember with the last of us is it was not open world…. render distances where not insane most of it was done in a way to make it feel open and real but really it was mostly corridors, even the vista’s you looked over where done in a way that having more beef would not really add that much. better textures, 1080p and 60fps where the only real ways to do upgrade substantially. GTA however has a lot more going on meaning a jump in tech means a equal jump in the overall presentation.

      • See, I don’t really agree there. A consistent 60fps could have been aimed for with full graphics, they could have spent a lot longer aiming for it, added in detail ala what Rockstar have done etc. But, it got a bit of a texture upgrade, a 60fps version with reduced graphics and 30fps with enhanced. Sorry, I just don’t buy what you’ve said. When you release something on a new platform, you utilise the new platforms strengths, as good as TLOU was, it clearly didn’t do that. But to use a point you’ve said there, it WASN’T an open world game, which means textures could’ve been ramped up even more, possibly more enemies, maybe a level or two more, what about a new weapon or two, how about extra stuff warranting the repurchase asides just a basic GOTY version?

        It was not a ripoff, it was a good redo, it just wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.

        • Fair point with the new weapons/levels etc. I think a lot of people where pretty happy but as you said some things should of been done like a stable 60fps which i believe is very doable with the ps4 tech.

          Also my opinion comes from someone who has not owned a console since late 2008, meaning the ps4 version was my first play though. Someone buying it who already played in on the ps3 could be disappointed. As a stand alone game it still is impressive.

          The GTA upgrades are pure mind blowing, and its good to see them pushing it so much after its already sold so well. The ps4 version will be the first time playing GTA 5 also.

          • Heh it’ll be interesting going back to the ps3 version after the 4… it’ll be like the days when they did arcade ports down to the Sega Master System…

  • For those thinking “not that much different”: here’s the things I see that have been added or improved:
    – larger resolution (higher-quality) Textures
    – longer Anistropic Filtering (makes sense cos new textures)
    – Ambient Occlusion drawn to good distance
    – new terrain Meshes for pretty much everything
    – huge increase in terrain decoration LOD (Level of Detail)
    – Anti-Aliasing (last gen had NONE)
    – high amount of specular reflections (gives a sense of realness to night and rain scenes)
    – constant (but subtle) BOKEH depth of field that looks to be dynamic to center focal point.

    The reason I listed all this is because, all this combined takes up A LOT of processing power, whether handled by CPU or GPU. To add all of this in on a game that is HUGE and still get a solid frame-rate at 1080p on these new consoles… well, that’s a feat.

    • And that’s not everything either!

      +20 types of new animals.
      + High resolution interiors for EVERY vehicle in game. EVERY vehicle.
      + New weapons and mods for weapons.
      + New vehicles.
      + New models for citizens.
      + 100 or so new songs.
      + Denser crowds
      + Denser car traffic and air traffic
      + Better hit location modelling
      + More solid framerate, apparently it’s a solid 30fps instead of dipping down into the teens.
      + Brand new missions
      + New first person mode.

      And other stuff kotaku and others have covered. There’s a shitload of stuff in this more than making this the best updated version of a game in years! Can’t wait! 😀

        • yeah totally, helps with immersion too to some extent – that first image of old mate walking down venice beach, the crowd density was the first thing i noticed

      • 20 types of new animals must bring the total close to Red Dead’s (38 I think?)!!

        Can’t wait to go a-huntin’ 😀

    • Depth of field changes seem a little over the top to me, but that’s picking a very small nit out of a pretty fantastic looking upgrade. This will either force me to buy a PS4 or make some modest upgrades to my PC. Still not sure which…

    • thats why the ps4 and xbone version are going to be locked at 30fps but still be 1080p and this is one to those rare moments where its ok for the console game to stick to 30fps because they want to push all the other graphical effects

    • Also, have you seen the trailer for the first person mode??? Just wow. They did over 3000 animations just for weapons!

    • – Anti-Aliasing (last gen had NONE)

      This especially – I can’t normally pick that sort of thing by I do notice jagged edges on the Xbox 360 version of the game (in fact a LOT of 360 games in the past 2 years) they really fixed that up – look at the scene with the helicopter – it’s a clear difference!

  • hell even without these graphical upgrades, the new First person view in its self is a reason to rebuy the game is you have a next gen console

  • Get it for PC version

    Mods to look forward to
    -Real Cars
    -enhanced graphic mods – Character models, AA,
    -Better SkyBox
    -Better Lighting

    List goes on and on… if you have a decent PC this is a no brainer.

  • I still don’t understand the hype. GTA V was an awesome game and one of the best I’ve played in recent memory, but I’m not going to fork out $100 for a game I already bought last year. The majority of gamers bought this game last yr on their xb360 / ps3. I don’t see a significant portion of these people spending $100 (or so) again for a game they already I own….

    • I don’t think you will need a 980 for this tbh. If I were you, I would wait for at least a 6GB if not an 8GB card to become available first, before upgrading. With some games coming out having a recommended 6GB VRAM? If you simply go and buy a 4GB 980, the card will be powerful, however, you will be stuck with not enough VRAM in the very near future!

      Don’t forget (because a lot of people don’t realise), that SLI or XFire does NOT double your VRAM!

  • Wow this looks absolutely amazing.

    I must say credit to all these people leaving comments on the article. I just read a similar article on games.on.net and i swear most of the people are saying “Dont want to show us PC comparison because PC is better”, “PC is way better than these inferior consoles”
    Blaa blaa blaa, cry cry cry.

    Good on you kotaku readers 😀 You are all beautiful people!

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