You Can Play Grand Theft Auto V In First-Person On PC/PS4/Xbox One

You Can Play Grand Theft Auto V In First-Person On PC/PS4/Xbox One

It was rumoured before, but this is still sort of surreal to write: the upcoming current-gen remake of Grand Theft Auto V will have a first-person mode.

Yep, if you decide to purchase Rockstar's massive open-world game again, you can experience it all in first-person, from bank robbery to bike stunts to aeroplane theft.

Rockstar announced the mode today on IGN, where they have got a trailer showing how you'll be able to play as GTA's trio of degenerates from a more personal perspective. Footage shows the player driving, shooting, and flying in first-person, which is hardly new for a video game but definitely new for Grand Theft Auto.

UPDATE: Rockstar's put the trailer up on YouTube, so you can watch it right here:

GTA V comes to PS4 and Xbox One in two weeks, on November 18. The PC version is out in January.


    Oh man i cannot wait for the PC version, but January :(
    Hopefully it gets pushed forward.

    Also i can now see why this took an extra year to come to current gen and PC, seems like there are alot if improvements to the original.

    And it's still not on the x1s digital store for pre-order. I need the bonuses let alone a couple of days to download it. The ps4 has had it for weeks on their store.

    That looks incredible. I was gonna wait on this and play Far Cry 4, but now I don't know. I waited for this version (next gen that is, not FPS).

    Wasn't sure about replaying this but I think I will definately replay it on FPS now.

    sweet jesus that looks cool... pretty neutral on the First person mode in vehicles, but the combat makes SO MUCH SENSE...

    Now we need a patch to make it compatible with Morpheus/Occulus Rift

    I wasn't going to get this, but I guess the new view really puts things........

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    in perspective.

      Yeeeeeah beeeeewwwww doo doo (awesome music)

    Was thinking, wouldn't mind getting it again for the PS4 for the graphics but now i am sold and definitely getting it.

    Done. Im in. PS4. Better take that day off work.

    I know we'll buy this in my house, and I may even play it, because first person means it's going to be so much easier to pretend I'm not playing as one of those deplorable characters.

      I haven't played it (yet), but except for (maybe) the Marstons, I don't think any Rockstar characters are meant to be nice, empathetic people. Even CJ and Niko were pretty deplorable, in their own ways. When I play, I treat the characters in cutscenes as different to the character I'm in control of, and try and play nice - although that's difficult in a GTA game.

      Franklins a good bloke!

        Mm, yeah, he was the best of the three.

          Are you kidding me ? Trevor is the most fun to play, because he is clearly so wrong ! Granted, the FIB torture mission is a bit much ...

    Damn, looks like they really went for it in these new releases.

    I wonder what inspired Rockstar to make the FPS mode? It's not like FPS' are now a thing, there have been FPS' long before the 3D GTA's.

    I said it when someone showed off the FP mod on X360 that i change in perspective could make the little, subtle world details stand out a little more. FP mode on shootouts + keyboard and mouse = i may never play another game again. ;)

    PS. i hope that Rockstar makes it that i can quickly choose between modes and not have to go into the options menu, i will still probably use third person mode for driving and general exploration but use first person in shootouts.

      I think they did it to lure in people who already owned it but weren't going to buy what's essentially a hd remix.

      Last edited 05/11/14 1:04 pm

      You press the back button (or whatever that button is called on the new consoles) to change camera perspectives right? so it'll probably be one of those

    "I'll swing by and sign the contracts, alright? Just ignore the bodies!"

    - take me back to GTA baby!

    Oculus Rift support and it'd be PERFECT.

      It's looking pretty damn perfect to me haha. But rift support would be HNNNNGGG!

        I think it's pretty likely that this is why they put so much effort into the first person view, they would definitely have a dev kit or two.

          And they are probably enjoying every minute of it. :-)

          Even if they do the same as Alien Isolation and have "official unofficial support", then I'd be a happy camper. I don't think I'd come out again. LOL!

        I believe the words you're looking for are 'future proofed'. ;-)

    the best thing is that with the new FP view, we now have a new open world FPS series besides farcry and TES ( Arma is different kettle of fish)

      Hopefully R* has some highly-capable devs working on the PC mouse aiming though. Far Cry 3 had a serious problem with mouse aiming that needed CFG file editing to fix. And technically, this is R*'s first bash into FPS gaming.

      Man I hope they nail it; hate sluggish mouse controls.

        Nah it will be fine. They will use code from Max Payne 3. The whole of GTA V is stuff from other rockstar games thrown together with the teams to make it solid on all fronts. For eg the Midnight Club teams code etc for the cars handling and mods. It is why such a massive game fit together so well.

    I've thrown this out there in a few forums already: This first-person mode was the plan all along. The telltale signs are the Scope option for every gun and the detailed, in-car characters animations in all the driving sequences.

    More than likely, the first-person perspective was dropped from the initial version due to the low-quality textures that had to be used to get a solid 30fps on those consoles.

    IMO, R* always meant for GTA:V to be first-person.

    Sweet. But bad ... because I'm now going to have to fight myself to avoid spending money I don't have on either a PS4 or a gaming PC (I have a PS3 and a 2011-Gen Mac Mini) to experience this :-/

    I never knew I wanted this.....

    I might actually get GTAV on the XBone now

    I did not want to cave but I keep hearing my PS4 whisper "G, T, Ayyyy"...

    Oh, Rock Star, you evil bastards... I honestly had close to 0 f*cks to give about GTA5, but now...

    I love driving in FP but I don't know if the on foot stuff will be good in FP because of the way the characters move. They don't take off straight away, they don't stop instantly and they can't turn on the spot, often having to walk in a small circle to turn. I think these elements will make FP perspective frustrating. And I notice they showed very little on foot FP stuff in the trailer and it didn't involve a lot of moving around, mainly aiming.

    I think it'll be more of a gimmick. Still greatly looking forward to the game though.

    Is this Gta online as well or only single player ?

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