Attack On Titan & Marvel Characters Getting Official Crossover

Attack On Titan & Marvel Characters Getting Official Crossover

We all love watching Eren Yeager and the gang swing around in Attack On Titan, but what would happen if you added Spider-Man to the mix? Well do I have good news for you.

Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski announced that an official crossover is coming up between Attack on Titan and the Marvel Universe in Japan, including a teaser image of Spider-Man slinging out of the way.

Sure it's just a crossover, but I'm just imagining what'll come out of it. Maybe Tony Stark will design an 3D Manoeuvre Gear? I guess we'll find out soon enough.


    haha, i like how the number of favourites and retweets increase with each tweet...

    Iron man flies around gaining their attention whilst hawkeye shoots them in the back of the neck. Meanwhile wolverine and deadpool can't quite get the hang of the 3d gear, even with spider man tutoring them.

    I like this idea.
    maybe deadpool could do a cross with One Piece :P
    Deadpool the pirate, We would all read it.

        Nice, but in the Onepiece universe. Deadpool would have a blast.

          Deadpool: So rubber boy, have you ever... y'know... Gum Gum Blasted Mr Happy?

    And the norse gods (with angel) did what they did best, slaughtering giants left, right & centre

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