Hey Japan, Have Some Orange Coca-Cola

Hey Japan, Have Some Orange Coca-Cola

Well, the official name is actually "Coca-Cola Orange." And it tastes like, wait for it, Coke with orange.

As you can see, the drink is not orange coloured. That's good.

Hey Japan, Have Some Orange Coca-Cola

[Photo: runaebi]

Hey Japan, Have Some Orange Coca-Cola

[Photo: ksasahar]

While people in Japan are quite surprised to see orange Coke, some folks abroad may not be!

Back in 2007, Coca-Cola Orange was offered for a limited time in the UK, and The Coca-Cola Company has sold its cola-meets-orange drink Mezzo Mix in Germany since the 1970s. Then, there's also Spezi, a German soft drink that mixes cola and orange.

Hey Japan, Have Some Orange Coca-Cola

[Photo: kindaibaiten]

This, however, is the first time Coke has launched the drink in Japan.

「コカ・コーラ オレンジ」が日本に初登場! [CocaColaJapan]


    They've had a similar drink in Germany for years: Mezzomix or, generically, "spezi"

    Top tip just mix coke & fanta together to get the same result

    Is it as good as cherry coke? Cherry coke is beaten by cherry dr pepper which is beaten by cherry 7up although the recipe for that has changed since I was a kid and loved my weekly treat can of it

    Added to the list of things to try while in Japan this December.

    Hey Australia, ....nothing to announce.

      You know I am going to actively seek this out now. I'm sure it will find its way to us, after all we got lemon coke, which was worse than actually putting lemon squeeze into coke

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