Clear Coca-Cola Will Be Released In Japan 

Clear Coca-Cola Will Be Released In Japan 

This month in Japan, Coca-Cola is releasing a clear version of their soft drink with the clever name of, wait for it, Coca-Cola Clear.

Screenshot: ANNnewsCH

According to My Navi, Coca-Cola Japan came up with the concept, and the company’s US headquarters spent a year developing it.

Photo: Coca-Cola Japan

Photo: Coca-Cola Japan

Ditching the caramel ingredient, Coca-Cola had to tune the drink to keep the flavours for which it’s famous.

Image: Coca-Cola Japan

Image: Coca-Cola Japan

Over 50 samples were created, and Coca-Cola finally settled on a zero calorie version with a splash of lemon. Early impressions are that the clear Coke is a refreshing take on the brown fizzy beverage.

While Pepsi first released a clear variant known as Crystal Pepsi in the early 1990s, the Coca-Cola Company did not follow suit with a clear version of its flagship beverage. However, it did release Tab Clear, a see-through version of Tab.

However, this isn’t the first clear Coca-Cola. After World War II, during the 1940s, “white Coke” was made for Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov.

Coca-Cola Clear will be released on June 11. ANN News reports that it is Japan only.


  • Don’t accept that inferior product from a clearly fake soft drink company!

    Buy Nuka Cola today!

    Now with twice the sugar, twice the caffeine and twice the taste!

    Anyone who disagree’s clearly has communist tendencies and should be reported to authorities.

    • Now with twice the sugar, twice the caffeine and twice the taste!
      Sounds vaguely like the slogan for Jolt cola.

  • actually coca-cola clear was invented in the late 1970’s as a request from a Russian general who liked the taste of coca-cola but not the appearance as it was an american drink therefore he asked for a clear version that he could pass off as vodka to any onlookers.

    • Mmm, I really want to believe that but I fear that if I google it I will be the victim of some sort of sophisticated
      Rick roll

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