New 'Game' Lets You Control Real Humans, Will End Badly


Omnipresenz is a "game" (currently looking for funding) that wants to use cameras and the internet to turn a real human into the playable character in a video game, users at home able to control their everyday actions. It is either the stupidest or most naive idea in the history of video games.

The idea is that the "avatar" walks around with a camera strapped to their heads, broadcasting everything they see and hear, while "players" watching at home on the internet can issue commands and decisions telling them what to do.

Which, knowing the internet, will probably be lots of commands to jump off bridges, abuse strangers and/or take their pants off.

The idea isn't new, of course. We've seen it done before, and done better, on TV.

Making things even dumber is that you can clearly see that to get the "avatar" to take actions, you need to pay.


So hey, maybe they have thought this through after all.

(via technabob)

Comments in, Existenz? Sounds like some marketing ploy for a sequel.

    I've seen this movie. Something about Dexter and Leonidas facing off.

    I have seen this movie, think it was called Gamer. This is an idiotic idea.

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      I knew what it's called. Was a joke =P But yes.. the whole idea sounds a lot like the premise of Gamer.

        Sorry man, I didn't see your post, Hadn't refreshed the page when i commented. :)

    Yeah Gamer, the basic concept of it sounds innocent enough. The issue is people are idiots and they will likely start issuing commands that lead people down a risky path (how long until the inturdnet commands someone to kill themselves and they actually do it?).

    And with the onset of mind reading/controlling computational cranial implants arising; the future of this technology is probably going to be very similar to how it was in Gamer, except without the 1 bad guy, more like multi-national corps controlling people like drones for the purpose of turning their 1 trillion profits into 2 trillion and so on.....

      "And with the onset of mind reading/controlling computational cranial implants arising"

      Time to invest in tinfoil hats ?

        The technology exists believe it or not, its just in early stages now. Do some science reading ;)

          "do your research" is the atypical catchphrase for all conspiracy theorists who choose not to back up their arguments with credible resources.

          It's been "in the early stages" since WW2, and yet still hasn't gotten anywhere. I think we'll be alright...

    Can't wait for twitch plays Omniprezenzz

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    I would abuse the shit out of this. If I had a person under my control, I'd send them to timeshare presentations, or make them sit through Parliament Question Time.

    "Oh, you had to sit through that entire timeshare hard-sell? Sorry, I was AFK". Mwahahaha!!

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