Internet Explorer Coming To Xbox 360

Internet Explorer Coming To Xbox 360

It wasn’t headline news, but buried in the middle of Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass reveal was the long-awaited news that an internet browser would finally be appearing on the Xbox 360.

The Wii and PS3 have had the feature for years, but for the longest time Microsoft seemed unwilling to cross that line. Well, they have now, because they’re brining an optimised version of Internet Explorer that can run via Kinect voice commands and whose layout is more in line with the console’s dashboard than the desktop version.


    • No, but alas they are bringing a means of letting viruses in to the Xbox.

      Most attacks these days are not on the operating system directly, the break in via the browser then attack the rest of the system.

    • Did it? I thought it wasn’t available for a couple of months, when it got put up on the Wii Shop.

  • I guess this is IE’s last ditch effort to retain any market share since every PC user with a brain has moved on to greener pastures by now.

    • I do not mean to be rude, but a lot of the bad hype about IE comes from every version from Version 6 backwards.

      From 7 onwards they finally took a hint and improved it. But there is no denying that IE has become a catchup browser since 7 onwards.

      • I don’t know, for some reason IE8 completely disabled my AV software. Worked fine once I rolled back to IE7, so I don’t know what happened there.
        But then, IE has only ever existed to point me to 😉

      • IE was universally awful up until 9, but it was IE6 which got everyone to jump ship to Firefox. Yes, the newest version isn’t bad, but neither is it particularly better than Firefox or Chrome so there’s no reason to move back when the current alternatives are already better supported by the community.

        Nevertheless, browsers on consoles are an all-round terrible experience. Wii does it a little better due to the remote, but PS3’s sucks, which stinks because there is no Youtube app for it.

  • Both the Wii & PS3 have had browsers since day 1, its taken how long for MS to catchup? I remember them saying several years ago there was no need for a browser on the 360, now they’ve caved and its too late. Nobody cares any more, especially not for IE. The very worst browser ever conceived.

    Any sane person jumped ship to Firefox years ago, now Firefox has become obsolete with the newer versions of Opera & Chrome.

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