Microsoft Carves Out Its E3 2011 Keynote Plans

Just a few days after Sony told us when to expect its E3 2011 showing of all things PlayStation, Microsoft chimes in, letting us know when and where to expect their big E3 media briefing.

We were invited to the the Xbox 360 E311 Media Briefing earlier today, which is slated for Monday, June 6. We'll be there.

Microsoft offers no hints about its plans for the Xbox 360, Xbox Live or Kinect or whatever else it might have up its sleeve. This will be the seventh E3 at which the Xbox 360 is represented, but we'd be surprised if Microsoft has plans to show off new console hardware this year, unlike Nintendo, which is rumoured to bring the Wii's successor to the show.

So, to plan your day, we've got Microsoft starting its E3 presence on June 6, with Sony holding its media briefing later that afternoon. Now we wait for Nintendo...


    So, GMT is 5pm... which makes Adelaide, what 2:30 in the Morning?
    Anyone know if there's a live stream running?

    gamespot, g4 and other large sites have live stream.

    or... you could just totally go to the confernece :D!

    But yea last year apparently some tv station on fox was doing the conference during the day. MS has been usually like 8am in the morning (The kinect one was a little bit differnet), sony instead of being day 2 is now on day 1 and at 5:30 so no idea what that translates to, but it used to be at 11:30am which was like 4am..., Nintendos I think was at 9 or 9:30 usually

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