Sonic Does Parkour, Is Also Now A Human Wearing A Hoody.

This video is a collection of things that were, at one point in time, cool. Once upon a time Sonic was cool. Once upon a time Parkour was cool. Parkour is still cool. Combine the two and you get a music vido so cool it'll make your eyeballs freeze.

Alright so it's not that cool. Nothing could be that cool, but at this stage Sonic needs all the help he can get. Ignore the slightly cheesy song, endure the mediocre special effects and just have a laugh at some dudes dressed up as Sonic the Hedgehog characters doing mad parkour things and pretending to collect rings.


    Watched it on mute. I somehow think I got the better end of the deal.

      I think this video sucked so much that I'm not a sonic fan anymore

    That was awesome

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