Super Smash Bros. Glitch Bans Players For 136 Years

Super Smash Bros. Glitch Bans Players For 136 Years

That’s a long time, but maybe just wait until the Wii U version comes out in a few weeks?

Recently, Japanese Twitter user Zenaorz1 uploaded this image of a 71,582,030 minute ban — which equals 136 years. The image has been retweeted over one thousand times, and Zenaorz1 was left wondering what caused this.

[Photo: Zenaorz1]

As website Always Nintendo points out, others have been experiencing the ban glitch as well. On the Smash Bros. subreddit, Redditor seakladoom uploaded a how-to guide to avoiding this glitch:

A. Don’t target a single player in four-player multiplayer.

B. Until this is fixed, only use one-on-one versus.

C. Don’t use online. Heh.

D. Don’t quit during a match.

Redditor rstevoa has an insightful explanation that could shed light into the glitch (check it out).

[Photo: via Always Nintendo]

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this story should the company comment.

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136 year ban glitch FAQ + Answers [Reddit via Always Nintendo via はちま]


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