The Return Of Dragon Ball Z’s Greatest Villain

The Return Of Dragon Ball Z’s Greatest Villain

Frieza died. The Dragon Ball bad guy is supposed to be in hell. But, by the look of this upcoming Dragon Ball Z anime movie poster, Frieza is coming back.

Picture: ANN

Note that this isn’t the first time Frieza has returned to Dragon Ball, but this does look like it could be his most dramatic return.

The following image appeared on Anime News Network and then online in Japan. It also popped up on Chinese social networking site Weibo as well as on Kanzenshuu.

The Return Of Dragon Ball Z’s Greatest Villain

Picture: ANN

The title reads Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F (Dragon Ball Z: 復活のF). Note that the word “fukkatsu” (復活) can mean “resurrection”, “revival” or “rebirth”. The assumption is that “F” refers to “Frieza”.

These are two mysterious aliens called Tagoma and Sorbet, who perhaps plan to bring Freiza back? Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama designed both characters.

The Return Of Dragon Ball Z’s Greatest Villain

Picture: ANN

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F opens in Japan on April 18, 2015.

新作アニメ映画 「ドラゴンボールZ 復活のF」 が2015年4月18日公開決定!フリーザ、 キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━ッ!! [Amaebi] 【速報】ドラゴンボールの最新映画で「フリーザ」復活!次の映画タイトルはドラゴンボールZ 復活の『F』 [Dragon Ball Matome] 1st Key Visual For 2015 Dragon Ball Z Film Reveals Frieza [ANN] V-Jump Unveils New Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Title & Date [Kanzenshuu — Thanks Vitas!]


    • Or if you watched the dub, “When HFIL Frieza’s over”

      Doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

  • So did anyone here watch the dragon ball hd remakes? I am curious as I was a big fan of the old but I think watching the new one would ruin my impression of dragon ball.

    • I watched it a few years ago when it was only up to Cell saga and it was good. Animation was cleaner (not widescreen) and the story was more streamlined. If I remember correctly they cut like half the episodes by removing all the filler episodes and all the bad mini arcs. Some good voice acting and some bad.

    • Dragon Ball Kai is still going if that’s what you mean – they finished after Cell but earlier this year started it up again to do the Buu saga.

    • It’s probably closer to what you remember than what DragonballZ actually was. I didn’t hate the filler content provided it was actual content and not just people talking around in circles, but I was perfectly happy to sarcafice a few small moments and sub-plots here and there in order to make the series play at a smooth pace.

    • Think of Dragonball Kai as Dragonball Z Directors Cut. Plus you’ll find the revised script to be absolutely amazing with none of the cheesy jokes crammed in between the dialogue (Goku vs Frieza had way too many). Also the way they portray Frieza is phenomenal (Thanks to the script).

      The revised script only applies with the dub though (Which I thoroughly enjoyed).

    • I do have my concerns about the Kai dub. First it doesn’t use Bruce Faulconer’s music (which is weird, considering Funanimation dubed both) and second the dialogues explain way to much, probably because the filler episodes are missing. The remake is not exactly HD, but it looks good. There are some distortions, as they added blur and cropped the screen. Check Krillin’s destrodisk:
      No blur:
      With Kai’s blur:
      Also if you loved the old voices you might not like this version. But the biggest complain is that they didn’t use Bruce’s music!

      • I absolutely despise the cut-back versions of Gohan’s AWESOME fight with Cell, not to mention the voice change. And yeah, lets not even talk about not using Bruce’s music…

        Kai is nice as it is cut back immensely. But I preferred it having all of the filler in the previous dub. The filler gave it humor and just added to the series as a whole. The”over 9000″ line? Yeah nah. It’s not even 9000 anymore. More like 8000.

  • There’s going to need to be some crazy power-up nonsense for him to even be close to most of the characters at this point (assuming it’s set after the last movie – which I still haven’t got around to watching).

    • I would imagine they’re going to revive him with some magic/technology that makes him infinitely more powerful than he previously was. I’m also going to assume Vegeta lets it happen and then instantly gets his butt kicked. =P

      • I would imagine they’re going to revive him with some magic/technology that makes him infinitely more powerful than he previously was.

        Nope, Dragon Balls.

    • Definitely, considering the insane power levels of Lords Bills/Beerus and Whis (who are both featured on the poster).

      Although isn’t “crazy power-up nonsense” pretty much Dragon Ball Z in a nutshell?

    • Rumors going around that he becomes a god of destruction. You’ll need to watch the movie to understand, as there’s 12 different universes(?) each with their own god of destruction.

  • So was this done with or without Toriyamas approval?

    and really why is this a big deal? In case you forgot the main characters are at a point where Frieza is no problem for them. Goku defeated Frieza by accident.

    • He did have a lot of influence over the last film (the only film he has had any influence in IIRC). I haven’t actually watched it yet but apparently it continues on sometime after DBZ (ignoring GT). I think he may be continuing on with this one but I’m not really sure.

    • Not only does it have Toriyama’s approval, but he’s had a major hand in it right from the start (just as he did with Battle of Gods). He considers these series of movies to be an official continuation of the manga (unlike any of the prior ones, which he had very little to do with), and takes place between the defeat of Buu and the timeskip where Goku leaves to train Uub.

      As to how they’re going to power up Frieza, who knows? When an early Trunks could one-shot him without breaking a sweat, it’s going to take a massive power boost to make him strong enough to be a threat, and regular wishes from Shenron generally don’t power up people they bring back.

      • Maybe the two new gods might have done something. I assume to entertain themselves or to bring balance, since there aren’t any destructive forces left in King Kai’s quadrum

    • This one and battle of gods are stated to be continuations of the manga written by Akira Toriyama.

  • Hmmm, something tells me that freiza might actually challenge beerus as the god of destruction because of him scheming to get more power & by the sounds of it, the wish to bring freiza back from the dead might bring a whole lot of despair, powerful enough to even scare the gods of destruction into wanting to ally themselves with goku & his allies

    • Well, Beerus did plan to kill Frieza off before Goku (and then Trunks) did it for him, and Frieza was said to be the most powerful non-god in the universe pre- Goku doing his thing on Namek. The desire seemed to be more out of something to do, rather than any perceived threat though (particularly with how Beerus stomped SSJ3 Goku without breaking a sweat).

    • Frieza enslaved worlds, killed innocent for the fun of it, laughed at other people’s pain.

      Cell killed people in order to grow stronger, after that he kinda just left them alone. All he wanted to do was test his abilities. He wasn’t a true villian, he was just an arrogant asshole.

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