Wedding Proposal With 99 iPhones Turned Into One Pricey Rejection

Wedding Proposal With 99 iPhones Turned Into One Pricey Rejection

In case you are wondering, 99 iPhone 6s apparently costs over 500,000 yuan — or about $95,000. That’s a lot of money! That’s a lot of iPhones.

Picture: Weibo

QQ Games (via The Nanfang) reports that a computer programmer in Guangzhou decided to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of an iPhone 6 heart. The proposal happened right before Singles Day, which is a day to celebrate being single. It’s also the biggest online shopping day on Earth.

Wedding Proposal With 99 iPhones Turned Into One Pricey Rejection

Picture: Weibo

The woman, however, apparently said “no”, leaving this fella with a whole bunch of iPhones and a handful of flowers. Don’t feel too bad for him! Reselling the phones shouldn’t be too hard. Then again, this could always be an online retailer’s clever stunt to drum up interest in the iPhone 6 right before Singles Day, which falls on November 11.

Wedding Proposal With 99 iPhones Turned Into One Pricey Rejection

Picture: Weibo

程序员买99台iPhone6求爱 网友:整整99个肾 [QQ Games via The Nanfang


  • I fail to see how people get rejected with marriage proposals. They’re either asking way too early, or they don’t know their partner well enough to even think about getting married. Test the waters before diving in people!

    • There are some seriously awkward people out there. I must admit when I asked my wife to marry me i knew exactly what she’d say.

    • 5 months into my relationship with my wife I had decided I wanted to marry her and as such I always told her I was too young to get married (building up the surprise factor). I was scared shirtless when I proposed. It’s a pretty common theme now for people to know they are getting married and even start planning weddings before a proposal has even happened. Safer, but less exciting I think

  • I had an acquaintance at uni who asked her boyfriend to marry her. The wedding was to be Disney themed and she intended it to be her 3rd year theatre media major work.
    He said no and they broke up shortly afterwards.
    The general consensus on campus was that she was kind of asking for it.

      • Yep. To propose marriage with the sole intention of using the wedding for a uni assignment? Selfish and totally not ok.
        There were plenty of other things as well – obviously – but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        • Oohhhh! I read your first comment wrong – I read it as being “she intended it to be IN her 3rd year theatre”. Right, yeah, that’s rubbish, what a silly person.

  • This really does seem fake. I can not for the life of me come up with any rational reason why making a heart shape out of unopened iPhone boxes would have any significance in a marriage proposal. If he’d made a wall of iPhones with some kind of animation or display on them then it would make sense but this smacks of a marketing ploy. Especially since it’s right before singles day which doesn’t mean anything if you were already in a relationship.

    • Dude just empathise, just because you wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t propose to their girlfriend in the middle of an iphone heart… Uh…

  • It’s very poor form that November 11 is both Remembrance Day and Singles Day… However, it’s also true that warfare makes a lot of widows…

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