You'll Never Forget Daylight Saving Time: The Movie

Video: Australia moved to Daylight savings last month, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this somewhat disturbing take on the polarising tradition of, uh, stealing an extra hour of sub. Nacho Punch's faux trailer is silly, sure, but it also accurately conveys the thoughts and feelings that quickly pass through one's head when they wake up on that fateful morning every year and time seems... off.


    More a fan of this parody myself: Plus, it's Australian! So, y'know, no references to Arizona.

    Half the continent doesnt have daylight savings. Furthermore, you misspelled "Sun" - unless you measure units of time in Subway food, or something.

    I think you should just go watch the Langonliers... much better. :)

    I still feel like we should just chuck it half an hour in between and deal with the natural seasons. It's supposed to get darker in winter. .. I mean it's winter, right?

    WA does not have daylight savings. You have to know that there are other states in this country surely.

    Well, that just escalated quickly haha Great idea though =)

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