Bandai Namco's DSFix Take-Down Was A Mistake

Good news, everyone. Remember how Bandai Namco issued a DMCA takedown notice for the popular DSFix mod for Dark Souls yesterday? Apparently it's all an unfortunate mistake.

According to NeoGAF forum member Chariot:

Chariot took the time to call FDS File Defense Service managing director Volker Rieck. Apparently FDS was hired by Bandai Namco's European division to issue take-down notices for a Dark Souls debug executable currently doing the rounds on the 'net — with tweaks that allow players to unfairly exploit glitches, making it easier for cheaters to gain an upper hand in multiplayer against the honest, hardworking Dark Souls-playing everyman.

DSFix was just caught in the crossfire. FDS says it's fine with mod creator Durante re-uploading it and for Dark Souls players to continue using and sharing it. I know I'll be re-installing Dark Souls and DSFix in celebration.

Durante himself seemed a little bemused: "Well, that's good. I'd hope they'd be less trigger happy about their takedown notices in the future, but it's very unlikely to happen. If a file from someone gets taken down which doesn't cause a part of the internet to blow up it would probably still stay down." [NeoGAF]


    huzzah! boo on the threatening mail though =/

      I was JOKING about the Chair-leg of Enlightenment!

      Remember kids, lawyer-beatings should only be administered by the people who are paying them, no matter how tempting it may be to join in.

    I'm pretty sure this was always the rational person's understanding of what was going on, anyway. Anytime FROM devs have talked about DS on PC and their porting abilities, it's been slightly apologetic and embarrassed. You'd have to think they could only regard DSfix with a mix of gratitude, relief, and more embarrassment that it was necessary.

      Maybe get the guys who made this to help out with the port?

    free publicity to increase sales, do something bad so that Dark Souls makes it back into headlines, revert it so that people think we are good guys then we get more monies.

    I reinstalled because of the article the other day. Gonna git gud again.

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