What To Expect From The Dark Souls Remaster

What To Expect From The Dark Souls Remaster

Image: YouTube (VaatiVidya)

For some, Dark Souls with Durante’s excellent DSFix mod is just fine. But for others, only a proper remaster will do for something as iconic as Dark Souls. So if you’re curious to see what’s changed or updated in Dark Souls: Remastered, the answer is: well, not a huge amount.

Long-time Dark Souls YouTuber VaatiVidya has published several minutes of footage from the remaster, courtesy of a press event held recently. He then compared a bunch of footage to that of the original Dark Souls using the DSFix mod, which adds improved depth of field, screenshot capture, periodical saves, improved anti-aliasing techniques and adjustments to the game’s rendering resolution.

Put simply, the game will look a little less aged for newer players. The lighting system has gotten an upgrade, there’s new blood particle effects, and some of the textures in the background sway with the wind. As for the gameplay changes, they seem functional rather than fundamental, like UI scaling and key remapping, although you can switch covenants at bonfires now.

Dark Souls: Remastered is really for those who have never played Dark Souls before. I personally prefer the visual clarity of the original with DSFix, although it’s worth remembering that DSR is coming to the Switch, and being able to chug estus flasks on the go is a huge drawcard. Let’s hope the performance holds up when the game launches on May 25.


  • Soon, soon when there’s a break between awesome releases, I’ll round out all my Soulsborne trophies on the PS4. Dark Souls remastered will be the last!

    Dark Souls is by far my favourite of the series. I’m so glad that the remaster is coming to PS4, meaning I can wrap up my series journey on the PS4 by revisiting the highest point of the entire series, instead of being left with the foul taste of disa-‘poise’-ment that was Bloodborne 2: Bloodborne goes to Lordran, er, I mean… ‘Dark Souls 3: The Staggerspammening’.

    • Bloodborne is my favourite “souls” game by a long, long way but I can understand people being disappointed by DS3 leaning into some of the Bloodborne mechanics so hard. I on the other hand enjoyed it because I was driving a similarly agile character around with a huge hammer and just womping my way through the game.

      • At least they could’ve clued everyone in to the fact that the inclusion of a massive suite of heavy armour and slow-but-without-hyperframes-weaponry was an overly-elaborate prank that got away from them, with countless development hours sunk into a veritable armory of gear that serves as little purpose as the wooden shield in Bloodborne.

        Maybe by renaming the game to something a little more honest.

        Dodge Souls 3: Agile and Fragile
        Dark Straight Swords 3
        Dark Souls (Bloodborne remix)
        Dark Souls 3: Prepare to Die (stunlocked by dogs) Edition.

        • I don’t know, I played through wearing heavy armour and a hammer because I looked sweet. It probably wasn’t ideal or whatever (or good if you want to invade), but I never used a straight sword or had any massive hurdles and managed to beat a lot of bosses in one go. That is probably because I spent hundreds of hours playing BB though and I have basically no deep understanding of DS’s historical mechanics. My brain basically goes “if strike incoming dodge forward and through” which seemed to work for nearly everything in the game. I only ended up blocking against super telegraphed ranged attacks because it was easier than thinking about timing.

          I bet all of this is extremely annoying to a die hard souls player though.

          • Is the surge really worth playing?
            I’ve always found souls-like games to be a bit crap. Like only the official will do

          • I haven’t played it, but heard it’s good and I’ll get it on sale for something different eventually. @hardtobeagod might have an opinion on it.

          • The Surge is good, Weaponry & armour is okay, Kinda gimmicky but it has a world to explore like a Dark Souls game, The world is done very well, It spirals back on itself like Dark Souls one, It’s not really trying to be Dark Souls though, It merely adapts the style & does it’s own thing, Not for everyone, I liked it more than Nioh as i like exploring a game world, Enemy variation seems limited & it is to a point but you’ll find that you’ll have to approach enemies wielding different weaponry as if you were fighting a different enemy entirely as their attack speed etc will vary greatly, The leveling system is always good, It’s flexible, The games pace or speed can vary depending on your playstyle & choice of gear & weaponry, Staffs & a light rig will be fast like Bloodbourn, Others will be very slow like dark souls one. I enjoyed it it more than Dark Souls 3, But it’s not for everyone.

          • I very much enjoyed the Surge. It was a tight, controlled experience that offered a satisfying amount of exploration, lore tidbit discovery, and reward for multiple playthroughs. It didn’t drag on and outstay its welcome, and by the time I platinumed it, I was actually kind of hungry to just finish it all over again because I was enjoying the gameplay loop.

    • I hope this doesn’t end up as another Ds3 fashion souls with the poise fked although after The Surge i don’t need poise anymore because The Surge taught me how to play without a shield, I played Bloodbourn after The Surge & was like “Wait i thought Bloodbourn was the hard souls” , You get to a point in Bloodbourn where you realise how fked the souls formula really is, It’s not tactical like placement & timing but merely doge role & attack then repeat, In the late game of Bloodbourn i completely forget about the pistol/blunderbuss, I loved Elean the crow & bloodstarved beast though, I saw the bloodstarved beast hanging in the church in old Yharnam & the masochist in me got good Ds2 feels in that i couldn’t wait to fight it, I loved the horrifying boss cinematics in Ds2, I will be playing the Dark Souls remaster for the world, Story & feels, The combat is merely how i interact with the world so i won’t be disappointed by the slower combat or enemies.

      • The funniest thing is if you master the gun in BB you can bust the game wide open. People can do Orphan without taking a hit by just calmly firing a shot during his recovery then hitting him with a visceral. Meanwhile my version was me running around a beach with a glowing sword while Orphan and I screamed at each other for three hours.

        • Although I shared your pain, I had to laugh at your description. I found Orphan difficult and I was using Evelyn / Chikage on a Bloodtinge build. I had to summon help eventually. Not sorry. Orphan deserved everything he ultimately got.

          • Never feel bad for summoning, It’s a game, We all have our strengths & weaknesses.

          • I never really liked the guns in bloodborne so never learnt to use them.
            Got through fine and had the time of my life and isn’t that the point?
            I will admit orphan kicked my ass more times than any other boss

        • His first phase is so satisfying to parry. Nothing like calmly walking up to him with practically no health, timing the shot just right, and refilling your health from the visceral. The second phase, tho… “an ecstasy of fumbling” is the phrase that immediately springs to mind…

      • Meh the poise issue was mildly annoying but the game was many tiers above most crap we see spewing out of other big development houses.

    • Dark souls 2 is visually kinda ugly but it’s my fav.
      But I love them all. The quality of the gameplay and systems is phenomenal

  • So yeah, looks like their going to fix a lot of issues people had with the original (I came late to the Dark Sould table with DS3). But! Are they fixing the ban system so that it doesn’t ban/penalise people unjustly? This has afflicted all Souls games so far and the devteam don’t seem to be that bothered by it, nor the server team too eager to investigate unfair bans.

  • I just completed my first full playthrough of Darksouls over the easter weekend.

    Now starting on Bloodborne.

    If the remaster turns out to be good I may just pick up a copy. Play melee instead of sorcerer. (I had tried melee previously and gave up; sorcerer is way easier – managed to solo whole game + DLC)

    Though, having watched that preview video above it doesn’t look as spiffy and upgraded as I expected, (I had read it was redone in Darksouls 3 engine so I thought maybe all graphics and models had been updated). In fact I think the original in that side by side comparison looks better… Will have to wait and see I guess.

  • I’ve never been a fan of the Soulsborne series despite having played them all (Well, I never finished Demon’s Souls but the rest I have). It’s mostly the combat that irks me since the games tend to be slow and wash-rinse-repeat heavy whereas I prefer more dynamic and stylish combat with combo options and good flow. DS3 I somewhat liked because you could get some good conversational combat going but it was still mired in the same “wait and strike” design as the rest of the series.

    I’m still going to buy DS: Remastered though because I’m stupid like that.

  • This is so good, as someone who doesn’t play on PC it sucks plugging in a 360 to play this. Can’t wait to platnium this! I think there’s a few games worthy of a remaster from the last gen and this is one of them, even if it was just a stable 30 fps at 1080 it’d be great playing it on a ps4 but 60 fps with checkboard is sweet. The little quality of life improvements are nice too.

  • I’m more excited about this release than anything else to be honest.
    I have a pc which is set up for music not games and yeah I have dsfix but it doesn’t run well.
    The graphical improvements look good on the Pro so I’ll happily dive back in with a steady frame rate and some common sense improvements to the mechanics.
    BRING IT ON!!!

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