'Flinch' Is Going Away For Halo 5, Developers Say

"Flinch," or the penalty of your aiming reticle getting moved up when shot, has long been a controversial feature in the Halo games. But that flinch animation that players have been noticing in Halo 5's beta will soon be removed, according to 343's Josh Holmes.

The flinch feature appeared most notoriously in Halo 4, which you can see in action and compared to Halo 3 and Halo: Reach in Kozzmo's video above. Flinch replaced descoping in Halo 4, but compensated with a bigger kick, frustrating some more competitive players who relied on skill and accuracy.

Now, in Halo 5, some players have been reporting that they're experiencing a flinch and voicing their displeasure over it on Reddit on several occasions and comments elsewhere. I've asked Patricia to test it out herself but she says she hasn't been able to notice any drastic movement when getting shot, whether scoped in or not.

By popular demand from Halo 5's pro-team testers, descoping is back in its place, and Halo 5 studio head Josh Holmes tweeted back in early November that there would be no flinch in the next Halo chapter. In response to recent protests against the apparent flinch — aimed at Holmes on Twitter — Holmes called it an animation bug that was only causing a "slight flinch-like effect." So, according to them, it's a bug, and 343 plans on fixing it.

The change will happen some time post-beta, and should be good news for players concerned about maintaining their accuracy in what they see as a precision-based, competitive shooter.



    It's all about the Pro's now isn't it....
    I remember the days when top-level players would learn how best to play the game, not just demand that the game be changed to how they have been playing it previously... It's all about buff this, nerf that and then whinge long and loud when it isn't to their liking.

      Yeah seems crazy that the devs don't make a game how thy see fit and everyone else learns to play to that.

      To be honest I always thought the Flinch was a positive thing. If you're getting hit you should react negatively.

      Last edited 31/12/14 2:59 pm

        Yeah, you would think the pros would be best at not getting hit. Apparently not. Surely they can just make it configurable on the server?

      See here's the thing... I can understand balancing for competitive playe *ONCE* a game is released. This is very oftenly seen on RTS and Fighting Games when the glaring deficiencies start coming out and get "abused" in game.

      What I don't get is interesting mechanics like "flinching" being removed "coz reasons" when it's not even out on the wild yet. You get so many shouts of L2P when a game comes out and yet here we have "pros" already whining about an interesting mechanic "because it's annoying and not in previous Halo".

      What ever happened to learning to cope w/ the mechanics. I mean for FFS if people can adjust to recoils on CS surely they can compensate for flinches on medium/short range shots and if you get hit while sniping then you need to relocate from that camping spot don't you?

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