hdmyboy Will Turn Your Gameboy Into A HD Console

We all know that Game Boys are practically indestructible, to the point where plenty of us have a working Game Boy gathering dust in their attic/garage. That's why hdmyboy is so interesting. It's a device that takes your old Game Boy, adds a HDMI port to the thing and allows you to play it on your TV in full HD.

Yep, it seems a little bit pie-in-the sky, but apparently its legit. The hdmyboy device sort of requires a bit of rejigging. You essentially have to break open your Game Boy and stick the device inbetween the two parts. This adds a HDMI port that you can easily plug into any TV and bam, your Game Boy is running at 1080p on your television. Pretty impressive. It actually upscales the games to full res.

The hdmyboy is currently on Kickstarter. The prototype is up and running, and the two brothers who put the project together are looking for funds for a production run.

I find this pretty interesting. It seems like a super niche type of product. Firstly, you need a functioning Game Boy to use this thing and, as sturdy as the Game Boy is, I wonder if there are enough of them in the wild to justify this as a product.

But it is a curiousity and it is a fantastic idea. I like the idea of playing Link's Awakening in HD on my 46 inch TV, that is an exciting prospect for me. I also like that the guys plan to ship the device with NES controllers.

You can find out more about hdmyboy here.


    But can it also do 60fps, because that's what really matters when playing Pokemon.

      It really does matter. With a smoother running game, I can properly nail the exact frame I have to hold Up+B to increase the catch rate.

    I still have my grey brick gameboy!!!!
    for a period last year I was even playing it on my commute, though in some horrible ironic hipster kind of way...god I wanna punch 2013 littlejulesy...

      me too! I still play mine though just because I like the fact that it still works, and nostalgia. I don't find tetris is quite the same on anything else :)

        what really hit me though, was how blurry it actually was. lol, and how u need to play in light, and even then it was pretty blurry, almost to the point where i couldnt play it. oh how spoilt i've become with HD this and 60fps that...

    This is really cool but I kind of wish they did it to the gameboy colour instead.

    Also my original gameboy still runs brilliantly, whereas my gameboy advance has weird screen issues, which could probably be easily fixed. So they are still running strong, Nintendo stuff really does seem to never die.

    But will it work with a game link cable for HD competitive multiplayer action...

      It doesn't appear to remove/replace anything. You should be able to plug in a regular Game Boy via link cable, or another HDMyBoy if you've got two screens spare. Granted we're talking about the Game Boy, so you'd need two copies of the game and a link cable, which outside of Pokemon was always a nightmare to find.

    All these years later and my GameBoy is still finding new ways to make me regret buying the transparent model instead of the green or black.

      I'll happily take the transparent one off your hands. =D

    115 euros for this crap! You're better off buying an OUYA if you even remember what that was.

    Last edited 01/12/14 5:25 pm

      And how long will it take for the novelty to wear off? A week? A month?

    I wonder if there are enough of them in the wild to justify this as a product.Didn't it sell like 189 million units or something? Surely there must be a few spare :P

    Mark, sorry to be a pain but when you use an initialism ("HD") you must treat it as a word, so it becomes either "An HD Console" or "A High Definition Console ". Can't think of the proper term for the rule that needs to be applied here, but the mistreatment of acronyms/initialisms is a battle that I'll never stop fighting.

    Your welcome ;)

    Last edited 02/12/14 4:42 pm

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