Hydralist Makes Browsing Steam Sales More Visual

Hydralist Makes Browsing Steam Sales More Visual

Everyone loves Steam's holiday sales, but if you're just looking to browse the deals, the store setup isn't that great. Hydralist is a site that puts everything that's on sale into one massive grid.

Originally published on Lifehacker

Hydralist pulls data from the Steam sale, then displays it all in a nice visual grid. Click on a title and you'll get a little more info a link to the Steam page. You can then browse by sale percentage, genre, or curator. Hydralist isn't great for looking for something specific, but it's nice if you just want to mindlessly browse the sales.

Hydralist [via Hacker News]


    Please tell me im not the only who read the title as "Hydralisk" instead of Hydralist

    This setup doesn't appear that great either.

    Hail Hydralist
    Purchase one bargain, two more shall takes its place

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