Life In A Nutshell In World Of Warcraft's Draenor

Life In A Nutshell In World of Warcraft's Draenor

No matter where you are in the new zones of World of Warcraft, Khadgar, the main NPC of the expansion, will pop up randomly to bug you. He's everywhere. Thanks, MMO mechanics. Slightly Impressive's recent machinima is about him and about other, similarly elaborate observations of Draenor.

The folks at Blizzard might've realised there's just too much Khadgar in the game, though, because he engages in some serious self-criticism during during the legendary ring quest line by saying: "As powerful as I am, I cannot be everywhere at once."

Also, new models make everything weird.

Life In Draenor (WoW Machinima) [YouTube]


    I think Pat from Best Friends Play had the best WoW story in their recent podcast.

    He isn't as bad as the Lich King during WotLK, every 10 minutes he'd be around to put his two cents in

    I've only come back into WoW recently,but who is this guy and why does he matter ?

      originally he was the apprentice to the Wizzard Medivh who was the one who opened the dark portal. His most notable appearance in terms of wow until this point would i guess be the black morras / closing the dark portal dungeon in the caverns of time. he is also the bloke standing in shattrath city in the normal timeline of wow.

        I think I didn't recognize him because he doesn't have that Gandalf beard anymore

          rather than anymore its more like yet :) this is past medivh not current timeline medivh.

            No wonder I'm confused. Time travel is hard :(

              Even more so when it's in an alternate timeline so he may never actually grow it in the Draenor timeline :P.

    Khadgar is a long standing character in the Warcraft series.

    Reply fail for @thatteemo

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      Ah okay. I have trouble keep up with the names and Blizzard reintroducing characters

        It gets pretty messy, man.

          Tell me about it. I hadn't bothered with the lore after I stopped playing in BC and now there is this Garrosh guy that I'm suppose to hate. Blizzard really need a lore catch up video or something.

    Still waiting for the return of Turalyon and Alleria. I'm a horde guy through and through but I'd love to see what happened to these two.

    First time I heard Khadgar's voice I couldn't put my finger on who did the voice acting... Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Master Bra'tac...

      And Drek'thar is voiced by the same guy who does Tyrael from Diablo 3.

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