More Reasons Iron Bull Is The Best Party Member In Dragon Age (NSFW)

More Reasons Iron Bull Is The Best Party Member In Dragon Age

Iron Bull has the best sex scene in Dragon Age by far. He also has some of the best, if not filthiest, dialogue.

If you romance Iron Bull, and you also take him and Cole out with you on missions, this little gem of a conversation happens. It's pretty revealing:

Kinky, huh? I'm not surprised that someone has banged on the war table, but damn, guys!

That's not the only instance of risque dialogue with Iron Bull. If you don't pursue his romance, and you don't pursue Dorian, they will start a fling — and Bull is not discreet about it. It's amazing:

So sleeping with mages can be a safety hazard, eh? Heh.

And while we showed you the gay romance scene with Iron Bull, here's what happens if you romance him as a lady — you talk about what everyone's safe words would be:

Bull's favourite colour is great:

He has good opinions about sensible armour for women:

...but he's still a dirty bastard.

These are just a few of the many conversations Iron Bull can have during Dragon Age — but, it's enough for me to be able to say he's the best.


    I've enjoyed all the characters conversations, and unlike the previous installments there isn't a character that annoys the hell out of me everytime they speak ( I am looking at you Aveline)

    If I have relationship options in games, in games, I always pick the girl. I also always play as a girl, if I have the option. I don't do this because I'm some sleaze who likes to watch two girls be together - it's because I really don't like guys most of the time in games.

    Inquisition is the first time ever that I've pursued a relationship with a male - of course, Bull. It was one of my Favourite parts of the game. Bioware does such a fantastic job of making these characters. I love Bull. He's just the best.

    I want to play through it again, and given the opportunity, the person I want to persue - Dorian. They just do such a fantastic job in this game of making these things so... Real.

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