Paul McCartney’s Destiny Music Video Is… Bad

Paul McCartney’s Destiny Music Video Is… Bad

Destiny is fun and all, but you know what it really needs? Paul McCartney’s hologram flailing his arms while a group of guardians sits in a semi-circle, peacefully contemplating what it means to be human.

Fortunately, McCartney’s got us covered, thanks to this hilariously corny music video that combines mawkish pop music with some of the silliest hologram usage we’ll ever see. Nothing about this video really works — not McCartney’s soulless crooning; not the preposterous hologram flickering; and definitely not the idea of Destiny characters relaxing on hostile planets like Mars and Venus as they groove out to some hardcore Paul McCartney.

I can’t believe someone thought this was a good idea.


    • It is real. And oh my goodness is it glorious!

      Nothing in the world prepared me for the unimaginable embarrassment I felt watching this video. Whatever you do, never ever mention to any non gamer that you like Destiny…ever……just in case they saw this. Your sanity will be forever in doubt if they link the two.

  • That was pretty unintentionally funny.

    Do you think the people watching would be really annoyed by the sudden angle changes? Or relieved that they get a new angle when they were staring up his nose before?

    On a positive note, Paul’s solo work has been listened to for the first time ever.

  • Maybe I’m amazed that Paul McCartney has decided to sell out in this fashion, and although I thought he should let his music career live and let die, I find it too amusing not to be entertained seeing him perform as a hologram on Venus and Mars.

  • Honestly, have watched it a bunch of times now. It gets better each viewing. And by better I mean I want to jump off my balcony a little bit more every time I see it.

  • Lets face it, Bungie have proved themselves to be the autistic developer. So out of touch in so many ways and completely clueless, but really ridiculously good at particular things. Everything about the game that involves someone famous is embarrassingly dreadful amongst other things.

  • That really isn’t that bad. I think if the article had said “Brilliant McCartney song” you would all be like “oh yeah bro go the Beetles!”

    This guy has more musical ability in his little finger than 90% of the artists who followed him. The guy’s entitled to a video game cameo – sure as hell a lot more than some ‘musicians’

    • Yes, right now, there are people in space suits on Mars and Venus watching a Paul McCartney song. That real.

  • If you have some time to kill and you want to laugh your ass off, grab a few beers and go watch a bunch of his videos. Post Beatles he’s done some shockingly bad stuff.

  • Paul McCartney isn’t exactly someone I would pick to go with gaming at all. There is a whole bunch of other artists I would have got to do a Destiny music video if I was Activision.

  • It’s like Bungie is just mocking people who bought the game now.

    Replace Paul McCartney with Andy Samberg and you’ve got a hilarious Lonely Island video.

  • In all fairness he is really old and after all the ‘LDS’ in the 60’s he probably has no idea what he is doing.

  • It’s funny I just saw the billboard for Paul McCartney’s new album on the London Tube and went oh that moon looks like it’s from Destiny… so it turns out it was. :/

  • It’s not the best clip (okay, it’s quite bad) and the song itself isn’t amazing, but Paul has done some really great work lately, this song from his 2013 album “New” is fantastic:

    I find it frustrating when people dismiss anything he’s done post-Beatles, he’s an extremely talented musician.

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