Well, Sonic And Mario Can Agree On One Thing

Well, Sonic & Mario Can Agree On One Thing

Gonzalo Ordoñez Arias, aka Genzoman, is one of the best artists on the planet. Here is his take on Smash Bros., and what would happen if the game's roster got a most unexpected cameo.

Th weird thing is, he'd actually be a decent fit for the game. As would Gex, Cool Spot and James Pond, now that you mention it....

Bubsy [Genzoman, via Blue Dog's Eyes]


    I would main the shit out of Bubsy.

    I mean what could possibly go wrong?

    I am sad that he does not have any colourful balls of yarn.

    they need to include Conker in smash brothers.

    On the topic of nostalgia roster, I feel like Earthworm Jim would have an awesome Smash moveset!

    My greatest wish would be for a constantly developed (perhaps open source) community smash brothers clone, in which talented people could construct their own fighters and once a month or something the best character in the bunch gets added to the official roster.

    Realistically, I'd love to see a roster mostly populated by indie game characters (super meat boy, spelunky guy, commander video...)

    Damn it, now I want Bubsy in the game. Please Nintendo, DLC him my way.

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