Some Of The Greatest Video Game Pictures You'll Ever See

If you've been reading Kotaku for a while, you may already be familiar with the name Genzoman. Or, as his mother knows him, Gonzalo Ordoñez Arias. The Chilean illustrator, part of the illustrious Udon Crew, has been knocking out some of the most amazing video game images on the internet.

Some of them were clearly drawn for fun, some of them for money, some of them for both, as Genzoman has done video game work for companies like Capcom and Blizzard.

With enough colour and expression in each image to sink a battleship, his work just explodes off the page, and his style - with a slight manga leaning - is one of the most distinctive in the business.

The gallery below is just scratching the surface of his incredible body of work. You can see plenty more at his personal site.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!


    I would love to see this guy get his own game one day

    .... they're white!

    Are there any females here he didn't sexualise?

      I read your comment and thought of this article:

      Especially the part abut misguided and/ or shallow chivalry.

    ppffft, my stick men drawings eat this crap for breakfast....

    (not really)

    Luke, if these aren't the best video game artworks I've seen...


    You got lucky.

    While I won't take away from this artist's obvious skill in creating anime/manga influenced art, I must disagree wholeheartedly with this being good video game art.

    To me it seems that all that happened is the dressing up a bunch of anime characters in video game cosplay. Almost all of the female faces look identical, and their bodies only fluctuate through their cup size, which is a staple of early comic book and anime influenced art.

    The Link image of the fairy being crushed is good though, props to him for that. Otherwise, these aren't the best examples of video game artistry. However I am not taking away from the artist's talent, he is incredibly skilled in crafting him images, and I can only imagine he will continue to improve. :)

      " I must disagree wholeheartedly with this being good video game art."

      So it's not good video game art?
      Besides the identical female faces, this is still pretty impressive stuff. You may not like the anime style, but the artists understanding of anatomy, composition, lighting, tone, colour, value , perspective etc. are all brilliant. Im not a huge fan of anime styled artwork, but I can appreciate an artists understandings of design and art fundamentals.

        Had another look through, THIS IS Fucking brilliant.

          I never brought into question the artist's capabilities in creating anime/manga art (within which the artist's anatomical style , composition, lighting, etc all fall within) I was disagreeing with the fact that this is the pinnacle of art in relation to video games.

          It fails to capture the style of any of the games it's based off and it comes off as the "animed" version of ... pop culture. There is nothing in the above images to bring it even close to "...the greatest video game pictures you'll ever see.".

          Like I said, I'm not calling him a bad artist, I am just in disagreement with the title of the article. Plus, it's my opinion, you have yours; it's all good. Glad you're enjoying the art.

    How is Tifa holding that soccer ball? Great images.

    Impressive, unfortunately none that are wallpaper worthy.

    holy shitballs! you can be the emperor of mankind in a game?!?!

    LUKE: The Batman one is from Justice League Unlimited genius.

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