World Of Warcraft And Star Wars: The Old Republic, United At Last

When Old Republic launched, World of Warcraft was its main competition. Now that Guild Wars 2 has come in and kicked a whole lotta doors down, the two "big" RPGs face the same up-and-coming threat.

They'll never actually stand together, of course, but still, the idea makes for some lovely fan art. This piece originally appeared in Level Magazine, and was done by Genzoman, an artist who we're big, big fans of.

MMO Girls [Genzoman]


    That right lady looks more mass effect, but then I don't play old republic.

      The voice actress for the Female Republic Trooper is Jennifer Hale, so they are pretty much the same person :P

      She's a bounty hunter who appears in the Sith intro cutscene (totally worth watching on youtube, far more exciting than the real game), tbh I haven't seen her in the stories for any of my 4 character so far so have nfi if she's even in the game.

    When DBO is released, I hope it kills them both.
    WoW has exploited enough people for money.

      Woah woah woah.... DBO?! Dragonball Online?! WHERE THE HEcK WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED?!

      "Exploited" people? People have no free will any more and can't choose to NOT pay for things they don't need?

    I love how the new race in WoW all be having a cleft lip.

    Then again, it is the 'South' of Azeroth, innit?

    Heh, SWTOR is "big"

    I can understand WoW, hate it or love it it is the undisputed current king of sub MMOs. But SWTOR? heh.

    Classic Plunkett article.

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