All The Anime Shows Airing In Q2 2015, In One Chart

All The Anime Shows Airing In Q2 2015, In One Chart
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Here’s an awesome resource that can get you up to speed with the latest and greatest anime running in the second quarter of 2015.

Posted by Stargazed Charts, this visual gives you a quick rundown of upcoming anime, including the studio behind it, the source, the genre, and a synopsis. It even includes theatrical releases and special, one-off things. Click on the magnifying glass on the top left to see the image in full:

Any of these catch your eye? I’m particularly curious about the return of Digimon — I’m still somewhat in shock that it’s coming back at all.


  • Ugh looks uninspiring. A few of the continued series (like Gintama) seems to be all there is to it and maybe I’ll keep an eye on Kekkai Sensen because Bones. I’d like to say the same about Kyuokai no Rinne, what with being Brain’s Base and from a Rumiko Takahashi story but man, does it sound generic and derivative of InuYasha and the such! Is Takahashi all tapped out?

    Also, I’m really annoyed at that Haruhi spin-off. Why cannot they just have a proper third season of the main story? I guess that I better hope this one does well and KyoAni decides it’s worth the trouble with Aya Hirano to go ahead with the rest of the main story.

    Speaking of Haruhi that girl from Etotama looks almost like a Traced-over Haruhi. Most shameless haruhi rip-off design since PapaKiki’s Sora.

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