Cops Try (And Fail) To Interrupt GTA Cutscene

Cops Try (And Fail) To Interrupt GTA Cutscene

Look, LSPD, Michael and Trevor and just trying to have a deep & meaningful. They have got some issues to talk through. Can you save the bullets until they have hugged it out?

You'll want to skip to 1:20 if the video doesn't automatically do it for you.

Grand Theft Auto V Funny Glitched Scene [YouTube, via Daily Dot]


    Man I really have to give GTAV another playthrough. Just watching that clip reminded me of how fantastic the dialogue and overall story really was.

    Also, epic C-bomb

    I recall playing some games where this kind of thing has happened and your character isn't actually invulnerable - lots of fun.

      Same. There was a time in a game I was running towards objective for a timed mission and I actually died but my body flew and touched the checkpoint and suddenly cut scene triggered and I'm alive again.

      Perfect Dark was pretty great for this. About to cross the 'end of the level' line where a cutscene kicks in? Pull that grenade pin! Fire that slow-moving rocket! Throw those proxy mines up in the air! Then, explosions everywhere during the cutscenes, models all covered in smoke and blood, was great.

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