Get Your Arse To Mars (And Maybe Play This Game)

Hey, it's Soren Johnson, of Civ III & IV fame! And now he and his team are making a new strategy game, called Offworld Trading Company, which is a very literal title for a game that's about trading on a world that is not this one.

It looks pretty cool! Like an RTS, only instead of worrying about cutting down trees and building armies, you're moving around the map harvesting stuff and selling it on the market.

It will be going up on Early Access in a couple of weeks.


    Looks like it has some neat features. Anything is better then the last civ.

    I like the look of this game. Reminds me of the tycoon genre where it wasn't about killing your opponents but just out smarting them and making more money.

    Looks good. I may even get on the EA for it.

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