Halfbrick Just Released A New Games And It's... Radical

Radical Rappelling to be precise. What is Radical Rappelling exactly? Well it take the 'sport' of rappelling and attempts to make it radical. Another way of describing this is that it's a twist on the endless runner genre. Instead of moving up like Doodle Jump or horizontally like... every other endless runner ever, Radical Rappelling has players moving down.

But comparing Radical Rappelling to other endless runners might be a little bit reductive. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Ridiculous Fishing in that players move ever downwards. There's also the whole concept of taking an established sport and making it 'radical' or 'ridiculous'.

I'm enjoying it. It appears to shoehorn the free-to-play model of Jetpack Joyride into the game, which makes sense since they have plenty of similarities. At first glance I felt as though there was a little too much going on, but the rappelling mechanic is solid, malleable and above all feels cool. The fun part of rappelling in real life is controlling the jumps and the length of those jumps. Radical Rappelling nails that. Can it dislodge Crossy Road as my 'I'm on the bus and I ain't got shit to do' game? That remains to be seen, but it is pretty cool.


    Lol, looks like fun! Halfbrick always makes good games, and don't pressure you as much into getting the in-app purchases.

    The sound in that video made me think of being in an arcade.

    iphone 4 not supported :(

      Time to get a nexus/moto g.

    This has actually been available for a while now. They did a soft launch of the title in australia and new zealand back in october last year!

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