Harvey Norman Now Pulling All Copies Of Elder Scrolls Online From Shelves

In the wake of news that EB Games are removing all copies of Elder Scrolls Online from all stores, Games.on.net is reporting that Harvey Norman is following suit.

Bethesda has so far refrained from commenting on whether or not this signals a move to free-to-play for the MMO.

According to Games.on.net a source stated they'd seen paperwork that confirmed the game's removal from stores.

Rumours regarding a possible move to free-to-play have been swirling since the six-month subscription options were removed from the game last last year.

More when we get it.

The Elder Scrolls Online pulled from Harvey Norman shelves as well [Games.on.net]


    Oh wow. That's surprising!
    I didn't know Harvey Norman sold games still!

      I didn't know they even still existed.. All the ones I knew about shut down years ago.

      I'm surprise they had something so current!
      Harvey Norman computer stores are generally great places to get old games that haven't been on sale for a year or two, and a random smattering of new releases.

    I think it has more to do with the console versions release. Having a PC version for like 30 bucks next to a console version for 80, not a great idea.

    My Google is broken, does anyone know when ESO is supposed to be released on console? I had it in my head that it wasn't until May/June, if so it seems a little early to be blocking new customers due to console release. Perhaps another clue that it's going to F2P.

    Just to add my 2 cents, i'd like to add that I would prefer to see it go Pay2buy free2play instead of outright F2P, might help keep the pesky microtransactions down a little and attract me back to it

    Okay, I missed the earlier story that EB pulled the game from stock shelves so I just want to say this now.

    Why did the stock recall result in a conclusion of free-2-play ???

    When everytime a game has gone free-2-play from a paid-subscription they have NEVER EVER recalled the boxes from shelves. City of Heroes/Villains, Star Wars the Old Republic, Star Trek Online, LOTRO, RIFT, DCUO. The product never gets recalled (it costs money to recall something) and game stores dont keep up to date with those products they still keep it on shelves (or in the bargain bin) for months after it goes free2play at the set prices even when you tell them they wont remove them, the box will still sit on the shelf.

    JB HIFI have pulled their copies recently too

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