Hosts’ Reactions Are The Highlight Of Japanese ‘Face Hacking’ Video

Hosts’ Reactions Are The Highlight Of Japanese ‘Face Hacking’ Video

My weekend shift is over, Kotaku, so I’ll leave you with this video of Tokyo artist and producer Nobumichi Asai’s impressive and slightly disturbing “face hacking” that I saw on Geekologie.

The effect — which we’ve seen previously — is achieved using face-tracking, projectors and 3D animations, according to Blastr, and is shown here being demonstrated to a group of Japanese talk show hosts.

It’s really cool, but my actual favourite parts are when the camera cuts back to the hosts for their reactions.

Thanks Kotaku! It’s been real!


  • If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you may find FaceRig on Steam interesting – although it’s still in Early Access. I picked it up on Kickstarter. Face tracking is OK at the moment, but the voice morphing feature still needed LOTS of work last time I looked at it.

    Why anyone would want to resemble PewDiePie, I have no idea, but there are some other more interesting avatars.

  • This gives me a weird reverse uncanny valley feeling (that’s probably wrong, but I’m going with it). Like, I know they’re human, but the projection of their faces on their actual faces makes them look like unreal CGI characters.

    And now I’ve gone cross-eyed.

    Cool tech, though.

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