It's All Fun And Games Until Mum Shows Up

Video: The comments on this False vs Keitaro matchup and the ensuing Reddit thread make it clear that nobody's suggesting that the "Gamer" stage from Smash Bros should make it in to serious tournaments. I know. But at the same time... why the hell not?? Crazy random events are what make the casual Smash game so much fun! Also: shoutcasting whenever Mum shows up makes for some friggin' hilarious moments.

Sigh. Some day...


    Why the hell shouldn't it? It's part of the official game??? If they can't handle random elements in the game, are they truly pro players?

      Sick of hearing the argument that random stage elements and items make matches less about skill, total BS.

        Exactly. If you're a pro player, then you take all aspects of the game into account including environmental hazards. You don't say 'Oh I don't like that Mortal Kombat 9 stage for pro playing because it's got fire!' 'I don't like that Mario level for pro playing, because of Koopas...' You be a pro, learn the damn game and act like a pro.

    I enjoy these smash bros posts so much, please keep it up :D

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