Man Opens Extremely Rare Counter-Strike: Go Weapon, Goes Insane

Man Opens Extremely Rare Counter-Strike: Go Weapon, Goes Insane

The lovely gaming couple responsible for TecAssault were enjoying a quiet evening opening weapon cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Then they opened one of the rarest items possible, and the husband completely loses his shit.

While CS:GO weapon cases are earned through normal play, the keys to unlock them must be purchased, so every time poor John rolls a blue weapon it's money down the drain. Of course that's all forgotten as soon as that gleaming gold shows up on the weapon roulette (thanks to reader Sushbag for the link).

I love the husband/wife dynamic here. While both of them are gamers, she's obviously nowhere near as excited about the roll as he is. This is what my wife looks like every time a new Hatsune Miku game comes to the States, complete with kid-considerate sushing.

Check out the full-length video over at the TecAssault YouTube channel for the whole uncrating adventure.


    Think the most expensive drop I have ever gotten was a Blue Steel Butterfly Minimal, sold it for like $280.

    Is it just rare? It is just a skin right?

      A rare item that can be sold on the steam Market for approx. $300

    Please, tell me... is there any difference in the game between an item that is factory new or one that is worn or is it purely cosmetic and only affects sale value?

      Purely decoration - nothing different from a day 1 drop vs it dropping in your game tomorrow.

      I don't get it either and I've been gaming well over a decade.

        Well except skins are often worth much more when they are new and in low supply. Although his man's wife suggested that it's not real money, it actually is pretty easy to sell skins for real cash.

        I thought as much, still boggling. Especially when you see people paying stupid amounts for these things or paying stupid amounts to get keys/cases that doesn't guarantee any return for what you've spent. But hey, whatevs.

      All weapon skins and their conditions are purely cosmetic. Only value if effected as you suggested.

      As far as I'm aware, it only affects the market value. None of these cosmetics should have any game impact. They're all just hats.

    I really couldn't care about stickers, skins and cases. I have too many to count. Probably doesn't amount to much $$$. I just want to play.

    Kinda pathetic when you step back and look at the reaction..

      I dunno. I think it's a reasonable reaction when you open up a few hundred dollars.

    Seemed a bit over the top, My heart would be pounding but I wouldn't act like that.

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    The way items are unlocked, it practically looks like a slot machine. And for someone so invested in the system, he basically just won the jackpot

    This is what I hate about modern video games.

      You don't need to do this. It's cosmetic.

        That may be true, but as long as rubbish like this brings in more revenue than creating new, original content/games it's bad for all of us. I remember being so excited for CS updates fifteen years ago as they'd always come with new maps and features, now what do we get? Micro-transactions for weapon skins? They were all modded in back in my day! It's ridiculous.

    It might be worth 300, but how much did he spend to get there...

      The YouTuber 'Kootra' had a special series of videos for december last year known as the "December Daily Dozen". He would unbox 12 crates a day until the end of the month and would not shave until he got a knife. He spent more than $2000 for keys to get a knife. It was glorious to watch.

    complete with kid-considerate sushing.I read this as "kid-considerate sushiing" and started imagining sushi made without harming kids in the same way we have dolphin-friendly tuna.

    I love the wife's comments. "You're going to wake up the children" - "It's just a knife" - "You won't even touch it and stab anyone!"

    This would pretty much be my wife's reaction :D


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