One Image Shows Just How Talented The Simpsons' Voice Actors Are

One Image Shows Just How Talented The Simpsons' Voice Actors Are

Over 100 characters in The Simpsons are voiced by 12 very talented people — and here's a breakdown of who does what. Click on the top right magnifying glass to enlarge.

The image, which comes from @Jishai, might not be a surprise for hardcore Simpsons fans, but it's still fun to see everything laid out like this.

Compare to the cast of South Park, which is primarily voiced by four people:

One Image Shows Just How Talented The Simpsons' Voice Actors Are

Dan Castellaneta and Trey Parker, doing work!


    Why didn't they put Phil Hartman on there? Also, I'll point at this chart and say it's ridiculous that Yeardley Smith gets paid as much as Dan Castellaneta even though she only really does Lisa'a voice and it's practically her own normal voice

      Lack of Phil Hartman was what I first noticed too. Shame!

      Also +1 for Yeardley Smith getting paid too much. Lisa is basically a glorified secondary character. (granted, I haven't really watched since season 12-ish).

      Last edited 26/01/15 10:11 am

      Is it only the current voice talent perhaps at the time this was made?

      Last edited 26/01/15 10:20 am

        Well Marcia Wallace passed away before this was made and she is included.

          who is mrs krabapple now then?

          Update: NM, I googled it.

          Last edited 27/01/15 10:44 am

          Probably because Phil Hartman's wife murdered him and then killed herself.
          Marcia Wallace died from cancer.

    No Isaac Hayes on the South Park one as a recurring guest voice?

      I'm not entirely surprised. Hayes was a scientologist who got leaned on by the cult/scam-group to protest the treatment of scientology in one of the episodes. Pretty sure tried to keep it amicable: Hayes personally had always said he didn't have a problem with the ep because South Park ripped on Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Christians, and anyone and everyone else... but whatever happened resulted in bad blood, including from un-involved parties, like the fans.

      The episode which had Hayes' character brainwashed into joining a group of globe-trotting child-rapists seemed to make the creators' opinions on that matter pretty clear. Especially considering Hayes wasn't brought in to voice that episode, but rather the whole thing was one big supercut.
      (Edit: Also, like the missing Phil Hartman, he's dead. Dunno why Marcia Wallace is on there, though.)

      Last edited 27/01/15 9:16 am

    perhaps t's just me although I didn't see Dr Hibbert on the graph?

    Fairly sure that character is voiced by Dan also.

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