People Are Coming Up With Some, Uh, Creative Uses For Amiibos

Video: Andrew K managed to stuff the technology powering his Pikachu Amiibo into a Pokémon Yellow cartridge. Not only does the Pokémon Yellow cartridge act as a novel Amiibo, the cartridge still works in a Game Boy Colour!


    I'd say this is more a creative use of a gameboy cartridge.....

      Yeah, just a creative repackaging of an amiibo. Here I was thinking that he might be running the game off the amiibo itself or something.

    Anyone notice the caption at the end of the video?

      "hey kotaku thanks for the..." etc...0:57

    Eh, he's just slid the chip from the amiibo into the case of the gameboy game. Given how thin the chip is, it's not that impressive really from a technical standpoint. Not trying to be a downer at all, just saying.

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