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Diablo III’s loot goblin is the latest creature to join the ranks of Nintendo’s line of Amiibo toys. He’s equal parts cute and grotesque, and while I can’t imagine ever wanting to display him on my bookshelf, his potential treasure might be too much for the diehard Diablo grinder to ignore.


Here’s how you make outstanding action figures: Take a pair of already beloved Amiibo statues, give them a ridiculous amount of articulation and load them up with accessories. That’s what Good Smile Company did to create the upcoming Squid Girl and Squid Girl DX Figma figures.


With Legend of Zelda Amiibo figures perpetually sold out and fetching prohibitively high prices on eBay, many fans are turning to bootlegged "Amiibo cards" instead. Many sellers of these cards see themselves not as mere pirates, but as modern-day Robin Hoods, providing fans with the in-game content that Nintendo won't sell them.