Remember This?

Akumajobelmont came really, really close with yesterday's Remember This, by guessing South Park Rally, but in the end it was Littlejulesy who got all the beans when he correctly guessed that it was the South Park FPS on the N64. Nice job. Again, you amaze me with your skills of deduction.

Good luck today dear chums. Have at it.




      I reckon it's the original Mario Bros. on Atari 5200 too!
      At first I thought Joust, but pretty sure no bricks... then Pitfall, but I think that had mortar between the bricks. So yeah! Mario Bros.!

    Donkey Kong on Gameboy - (being played on a Super Gameboy)

    Looks a lot like Giana Sisters

    Load Runner.

    Too easy! Biker Mice from Mars!

      one of these days you will be right, and I just hope that I am still alive to see that day.

        He's been right before. Other people guessed before him, and then deleted their comments to let him get it first.

        It was glorious.

    Act raiser

      I think they need a new version of that game. Just don't know if I would rather they stick to the 2d, or make it 3d.

      Can't find a single picture from ActRasier that looks even close to that image, but that's what Google image search suggests.

      That what you used?

    Im guessing Wonderboy for the Sega Master System

    Load Runner.

    EDIT - Of course it is "Lode Runner", consider me corrected :-)
    Thx akumajobelmont.

    Scrolling up I see DarthDVD beat me to it - DAMMIT!!!

    Last edited 08/01/15 5:46 pm

    commander keen?

    Very much reminds me of the end boss in Super Mario Bros. 3

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