Smash Bros Characters Turned Into Gorgeous Pixel Art

Smash Bros Characters Turned Into Gorgeous Pixel Art

We’ve seen how amazing Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver is at demaking characters from any video game into colourful sprites. His latest project, to draw every Smash Bros character in the style of classic 2D fighters, is a big one.

It’s an ongoing project, so be sure to check his Tumblr for more, but it’s already hard to find a favourite. They all look awesome.


  • These are cool, but I’m not sure if they’d qualify as true pixel art (maybe barely). The art to pixel art is trying to get low resolution image to convey intricate detail while being constrained by a grid – these are high enough resolution that that constraint may not apply.

    • Actually, that’s not really true. Pixel art is about constructing an image through manipulation at the smallest level of detail, the pixel. Effects like anti-aliasing and shading are done by hand rather than using the tools of an art program and generally the only part that isn’t done by placing each pixel/group of pixels is the initial line art. Even then, the line art usually just provides a starting point after which you clean it up and adjust it by again, manipulating pixels.

      As long as AbyssWolf is painting these at the pixel level and not just using the tools of an art program then they are pixel art.

  • They look fantastic, Charizard looks like he’d make a good old-school Final Fantasy boss like that. I agree with Lucas though, I don’t think Pixel Art is the right term for this.

  • Would love to see some of these work their way into the Card Saga Wars project he’s working on with another guy.

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